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    Hello All

    Have not bee on here in a few years, thaought I would check in. Late Norther blowin in Here in South Central Texas. Was supposed to contain rain, not a drop so far.
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    Bud williams marketing

    Does anyone have any comments on BWM sell-buy program? Honest opinions, positive or negative would be appreciated.
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    Is it still possible to get into ranching?

    I have seen peaple in your situation get into the cattle biz by partnering with one or more others who are already in the biz or who are knwlegeable about it. I know of a successfull operation in west texas owned by three guys, all of which have outside jobs. They split all costs and profits...
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    Hanging Tree dogs?

    Come to texas and get a good set of blackmouth curs.
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    grinding feed small scale

    have not posted here in a long time. we seem to be in a never ending drought in this part of the country, with many cow-calf folks pulling the plug and selling off herds at a loss. The upside for me is my family has irrigated hayland, and there is an abundunce of cheap medium quality calves...
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    yellow black mouth curs

    Thanks muddy, Im a computer challenged guy.
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    yellow black mouth curs

    Yes, we use them, and would be in a fix without them. I think we have some weathaford ben blood in some dogs. We cull real hard and nothing but gritty dogs stay on the feed bill. What part of the country are you in?
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    corriente saddles

    Well, I know this much, last year me and a buddy made a road trip to Yoakum,( he wanted a circle y saddle for some reason, I never liked them) and we get to the circle y shop, and they tell him, you can order one from here, but you cant take it today. I asked where thy were building the saddles...
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    ranch roping"practice"playing and the kids

    I worked for a big ranch in south Texas when I was a teenager, and we made fun of the vaqueros and thier taps, until I ran a yucca stob through my boot, into my foot where it broke off. There is some kind of toxin in yucca since my foot swelled up like a clown foot almost immediatly. We couldnt...
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    Looks like a good work saddle to me.

    Rub a little warm water into the leather, If you smell mare piss its mexican tanned leather. Just an old trick an old saddle repair man taught me. Later
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    corriente saddles

    Some corriente saddles are built in El paso and some are built in Juarez, probably by the same peaple, haha! All I know is I have one, and it is a better saddle than my Billy Cook. I also have an old Courts saddle that was very well built for a factory saddle but I dont know about them anymore...
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    ranch roping"practice"playing and the kids

    Jerry, nice taps, and real nice pony. I have a friend who is a big operater, and all they buy are Teskeys saddles, they plow alot of brush and catch alot of big brahma x stuff tied on and those saddles hold up real well. Later
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    What sold you on the reel over the K-line? Not having to move it every set? Just curious
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    We are considering k-line to water a 40 acre river bottom pasture,-hay field anybody have experience with it?
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    custom grazing

    Hey folks, I need your input on this. I am thinking about custom grazing some momma cows to generate some cash for my own small operation. I just aquired a new lease and have way more grass than cows. I want to charge by the head, by the month. I would supply salt, water, good grass,fence...
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    Big Horse sale Lilly

    This is our local sale barn, I hear they are bringing in some good ranch horses.
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    In a shoot out "me" in the hay field????????

    A couple weeks ago in Austin, some idiot french fried himself to death tryin to steal copper wire from the city power plant. Oh well theres all kinds of justice in this world.
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    April 8 / 08 at Silver's

    Did you buy those cows out of texas? If you did, Id say they were bayed real hard with curdogs, If there from up north, Id say the ears froze.