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    Funny you should mention the grays out of Herefords. I don't have a dog in this fight, but the Hereford bulls now with with the google red around the eyes and no feather necks, are the same bulls that my dad bought yrs ago from the Arnold Brothers at their fleck vie influenced Simmental sale.
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    A rational response to Tomi Lahrens COOL video

    I am not replying to pick a fight. The statement, that we have to import meat for leanness, I strongly disagree. Our cow market isn't exactly stellar. Wouldn't our cow and bull mkt be positively impacted if we wouldn't import. I know there are a lot of politics involved, but saying importing...
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    Bale Grazing

    Bale grazing may work for some, but not for me. In my situation, absolutely to much waste, and in that waste area, weeds were problems in the next few yrs. good luck to you...
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    Cattle Breeds

    One doesn't know what good cattle are until you sell them. If you make money they're good cattle. Don't care what color they are. IMHO.
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    Oh that terrible socialized medicine you have.......being sarcastic....good to hear....wishing you a speedy recovery....
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    My journal entry for Wednesday, February 7, 1968

    Does mr turner run buffalo on this particular ranch now.....
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    Hey soap weed

    Looks like we had similar careers.....our interests were farming/ ranching....
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    Hey soap weed

    It would be interesting to hear about your basketball career.....
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    Is the wheat greening up....
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    Great Neighbours

    A post about good neighbors is a welcome post to anyforum
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    Burr Under the Saddle Blanket

    What type of payment do you receive from the Canadian govt?
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    Calf Prices! WOW!!!

    Good for the cow calf guy. I don't have a horse in this race. I think it's been so long that the cow calf guy has made any real money that he is used to not making a lot. It's about time he is getting paid for his labor.
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    Land Sale of the Week:

    Might seem high today. Ten yrs from now it may look cheap. But then again who knows, it's a crap shoot.
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    Share Cows

    Don't do it, buy your own.
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    contaminated meat at Walmart

    Now that's funny, I don't care who u are.
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    Selling Heifers and Buying Cows

    One question? Can these bred cows be taken in to the states?
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    Heifer Prices

    If you have an established herd and have sold culls for a thousand bucks, replacing the culls at these prices will be okay. If I was starting out and I'd have to pay these prices I would reconsider and keep my job at Walmart. Jmho......
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    2013 Heifer Calves

    Hey guys, I think soap was just trying to have a little fun. No harm done, we are all ranchers and love the outdoors and cattle. I'm sure from being outside a lot our skin is thicker than the average Joe.
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    2013 Heifer Calves

    I did not know that. Still think he knows what's going on. Lol. Nice cattle for a liberal.
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    2013 Heifer Calves

    Thank you for posting ur pics. Very nice cattle. I enjoy your posts and your replies, you have a voice of reason and know what your talking about. Maybe u shouldgointo politics we could use a rancher with some common sense.