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    What 1.35 inches of rain in 5 hours looks like

    they just share thistles and geese Hahaha! That is funny!!!
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    Hey Mountain Cowgirl

    They'll be everywhere but where they're supposed to be!
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    So it begins…

    Looks great! Nice to see green!
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    Wonderful question

    We have a 2019 Honda Pioneer 1000 with a cab no AC. It gets a little warm in the summer but not terrible if you open all the windows. Very nice in the winter. Also have a 2020 Pioneer 1000 with no cab, cooler in the summer and winter lol! The 2010 Honda 700 Big Red has tracks on it and it will...
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    Hay down

    Looks good! I could sure use a few hundred acres of hay like that!
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    You live in a beautiful place!!!
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    Must be some red in this cow somewhere……..

    I was told the Indians had to ride what they could catch on foot.
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    That's a pretty good day!
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    Today's U.S. And World Problems?

    Very well put MC!!!!
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    Honda Side X Sides with automatic transmission

    I have a 2010 big red with 7000 miles now. Have had zero problems and love using it!