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  1. J

    ACLJ wins lawsuit against IRS

    So what did they win.....and apology? ABSOLUTELY STINKS.....how about some jail time.
  2. J

    Ben Carson finds $500+ BILLION in Obama errors

    Not sure I understand this.....HUD annual budget is 30-40 billion. How do you find 500 billion?
  3. J

    Sessions wants to restore DOJ beginning with Obama

    What troubles me is why did it take them until now to do something they should have done ASAP?
  4. J

    Why isn't this on the news???

  5. J

    Is it true

  6. J

    Hammonds Back to Prison

    You have a N$%^%%% rule in the white house...that's how in the hell we got to this point.
  7. J

    Double Edged Sword

  8. J


  9. J

    Sweden About To Collapse, Civil War Erupts

  10. J

    That Wonderful EPA

    NO accident, they did it on PURPOSE. http://nation.foxnews.com/2015/08/12/letter-editor-predicted-colorado-epa-spill-one-week-catastrophe-so-epa-could-secure
  11. J


    NOW....pick John Bolton for Secretary of State.
  12. J

    Mark Levin says we need to pay attention to this:

    The propane generator I used. The plugs I bought to plug generator to the house panel. The homemade plate that forces the main breaker off before the back feed breaker can be activated. Set this up a year and half ago...and have only used in testing, since we haven't had an outage. What...
  13. J

    Mark Levin says we need to pay attention to this:

    "We checked and it would cost $1500 to fix the electrical line so that the power from the generator wouldn't go back up the electrical line (or something like that, I'm not knowledgeable on these things) so we have done nothing. " I made a plate, patterned after what you can commercially buy...
  14. J

    Dump Trump

    Something to think about..... Trump’s election would be a nightmare. Obama has committed many crimes. No one else but Donald would dare to prosecute. Donald Trump will not hesitate. Once Donald gets in and gets a look at “the cooked books” and Obama’s records, the game is over. The gig is up...
  15. J


    Not been on forum for 2 months. Anybody know why?
  16. J

    Gowdy continues to push on Benghazi

    It is wayyyyy past time for this to come to a head.
  17. J

    Baltimore Mayor Let Them Riot

    If one cop is killed, that Bitch should be tried for first degree murder. Fixit for ya. Ahhhh the political correct police on here alter my post.
  18. J

    "Why Obama Never Names Islam"

    Obama IS the enemy.
  19. J

    Smartphone app for forum

    Is there a smartphone app for viewing this forum, like Tapatalk?