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    Idaho Getting Bigger???

    Are any of you folks in the 5 counties of Oregon that voted to secede from the state and become part of Idaho?
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    Grazing Fees

    Is a dollar per day,per head,too much for wheat grazing? I can feed protein for about 1/2 that price per day and I have the time to do it.What will it lower my hay consumption with them being on wheat? That's really my question.
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    Green New Deal

    I think we should get behind this GND with a slogan of our own. If you "Eat More Beef" there will be less cows on the planet. Then everyone is happy. Beef growers and environmentalists
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    Non-Slip Livestock Trailer Mat

    I'm wondering what ya'll are using on the floors of your trailers?What's the best non-slip,low fatigue mat?
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    What are the pros and cons of Urea being in or out of protein lick tubs.