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    After Ranching, Then What?

    This thread would be basically pointed at the older seniors of ranching. I would presume that there are former ranchers that, due to age/health reasons, have to stop working a ranch. I know there are those that would rather die while doing a roundup, but for those that simply say "enough is...
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    Today's U.S. And World Problems?

    I've often wondered how ranchers, and even farmers, feel/think, if they do, about all of the crime and high cost of living in the U.S. as well as what goes on around the world? I know this isn't a "farming" forum, so I don't expect to hear from them. I mean, with all of the time/work it takes...
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    Old Ranchers?

    What happens to old/Senior ranchers that, for whatever reasons, can no longer do ranch work? Working a ranch is mighty hard work, unlike sitting in an 8-to-5 office using a computer all day. I know there are both ranchers and farmers that never stop working and end up being found passed-away on...
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    Ok, How Authentic Would This Documentary Film Be?

    Ocean of Grass, taken on a full-blown ranch in the sandhills of Nebraska. The Director, who done the documentary, states that it is as "authentic as possible, with real ranch cowboys and cowgirls". It originally came out sometime between 2017 and 2018, but is now on Blu-Raye and regular DVD...
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    Cinch Jeans?

    Anyone wear them on this forum? Even though I love my Wrangler jeans, thought about getting a pair of Cinch. However, haven't seen a single ad on the Cowboy Channel for Cinch jeans, only Wranglers. I know, I know, Cinch jeans and shirts are pro-rodeo products, but still wondered. Wrangler is...
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    Livestock Auction Website

    https://beta.cattleusa.com/#/app/auctions We have it on our desktop. Shows schedule and "live" livestock auctions, and what's being paid, across the U.S.. We got it when we could no longer visit local Centennial Livestock Auction in Ft. Collins, due to the pandemic. That is about to change. We...
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    Ranchers And The NFR

    I'm sure there are some ranchers that go to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, but I wonder, since this is a "ranching" forum, who takes care of their livestock while they are gone? Rodeo fans aren't just "big city", "small city" or "small town" folks that don't do any ranching or...
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    Neither Pro-Rodeo Or Ranch Rodeo Talked About Much Here

    I think I've mentioned that we've been to one ranch rodeo, when we lived here in Colorado before. It was held in Colorado Springs. It was enjoyable and I got plenty of digital photos of it, but our interest is more in PRCA rodeos, since I was a part of that. Plenty of PRCA rodeos have been going...
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    Livestock Auctions And Sales

    Do you go, whether to sell, buy or look? Wife and I have gone to local livestock auction, called Centennial Livestock Auction in Ft. Collins, CO. Not to buy or sell, but just to watch. We will first have breakfast at local Waffle House, which is just down the street from the auction. When we...
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    Would This Happen To A Rancher?

    Wife and I watched a documentary on PBS called The Last Pig. It showed the daily operation/duties of a pig/hog farmer, including taking pigs to market/slaughterhouse. He was raising some very nice looking pigs, but became overly compassionate towards his pigs and decided to get rid of all he...
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    Our Old-Time John Deere Tractor Picture

    These were four different pictures that we decided to frame and put on our kitchen pantry door.
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    Our Farm/Ranch Display

    #1: Swine and piglets. #2: Our Horses. #3: Cows/Calves All corrals have feeders/hay and water holders. Three or four more pictures to come of: farm equipment, barn, bull corral w/cowboys on horseback with ropes. What do you think?
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    Your Choice In Cattle?

    What breed did you choose and why? Is there a difference between Black and Red Angus?
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    4-H And-Or FFA?

    I was and really enjoyed it. A neighbor farmer of mine, who raised both hogs and beef cattle also had fields of corn. Both of their sons, who graduated high school the year after I did (1969) were involved in both. Actually, where our farm was, we were surrounded by farmers when I was in high...
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    Current, Former Or Never Ranched At All?

    Was just wondering about the members here. As all of you already know, from my Introduction, wife and I have never ranched. Definitely admire the lifestyle. And, if it weren't for my interest in pro-rodeo, I would have never owned a horse or learned to rope. Would love to attend another WRCA...
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    Ranchers With Tattoos And/Or Body Piercings?

    Could be a fairly controversial thread, but I was really, really curious. As for wife and I, we don't have any of either. And, I was in the Navy and off of the coast of Vietnam. About 25 years ago, I gave it some thought about getting an eagle put on each arm, then ditched the thought. To this...
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    Cowboy Hat Or Baseball Cap?

    Whenever I see a Resistol ad, on the Cowboy Channel, either their hats, be it felt or straw, are being worn at a rodeo, roping arena, cutting/reining shows or at a ranch working cattle. Of course, Resistol is very well known for cowboy hats, not baseball caps. Like Wrangler jeans, Resistol is a...
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    Ranch Rodeo

    Ever been to one or participated in one? Working Ranch Cowboy's Association puts them on. Wife and I went to one in Colorado Springs, when we lived here in Colorado before. Very, very interesting. Definitely looks rougher than a PRCA rodeo, especially the Wild Horse Race.
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    Our Colorado Governor And Meat-Out Day

    Governor Polis declared a "meat-out" day this past Saturday, the 20th. More than two dozen counties here, that has numerous ranches, declared that day "meat-in" day. They stated, "we make our living on our cattle!". As for us, we totally 100% support our Colorado ranchers!!
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    PRCA The Cowboy Channel

    Anyone on this forum get it? We got it a couple of weeks ago. Just in case we can't make it to the NFR in Vegas, this coming Dec., we bought the whole package for $99.99. It made a great 20th Wedding Anniversary for wife and I. Now, the question, for those who do get it: I printed out the...