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  1. Z

    Guess Who's Back? = )

    Oh my plumbob. I'VE MISSED ALL Y'ALL! It's been a while since I last posted a post, innit? Well, hope to jump back on the wagon again and keep up the textey twists.. :D It sounds a bit egotistical to post one whole topic about me so no need to reply this, yeah? Y'all take care now! :nod...
  2. Z

    Them White Horses

    Hi guys! I need some help in finding out what other breed of horses are white in colour.. (All I know is the Arabian! :oops: :roll: :) Thank you! :cboy:
  3. Z

    Of Stetsons And Boots

    Seldom is a choice made - one so fitting, decidedly authentic for this young man, drifting. An enduring dream, a sense of being. A modest revival of the meaning of giving. Such traits are shown by the salts of the earth in the lands of the bountiful, the beautiful, the breathing. :cboy...
  4. Z

    For The Ranchwives

    Hi guys! Well, this one's for the beautiful ladies here at ranchers.net so here goes: I've just made a lil cowboy and his wife (I decided they should be from down South) but not sure if she's got the looks and clothes of a proper Southern Belle.. Please comment on makeup/hair/clothes which...
  5. Z

    Willie Nelson Releases Gay Cowboy Song

    Oh God! Is Willie turning to the other side (if he hasn't already)? :shock: :o :x
  6. Z


    Everyone, public announcement: I'm sorry for misuse of this :mrgreen: smiley since I had no idea it ment jealousy, I seriously thought it was a cheeky grin smiley! So to all who were thinking what on earth is this bloke thinking.. I was thinking wrong lol! :mrgreen:
  7. Z

    Oh no, it's.. it's...The Dialectizer!!

    Hi guys, this post is pretty ridiculous but I had to share it with ya, it's my lil blog modified by this web site and well, you check it out for yourselves! I couldn't stop laughing, talk about total overhaul! :mrgreen: You could try cockney, too..*gulp*...
  8. Z

    Merry Merry Christmas To Y'All!!

    Hey guys, have ta wish you a Merry Christmas early since I may not be online tomorrow, so.. Merry Christmas and Happy 06, yeah! ps: I'll be seeing Xmas first since of the beloved time zone differences (the lucky sod me...) :mrgreen:
  9. Z

    My Louisiana Sky

    Hey all, has anyone seen that movie?
  10. Z

    This English Rose..

    Hey guys, here's what to say (or rather, what not to say) when making deals with lonely people at the park as demonstrated by my virtual heroine, Lara.. :roll: :mrgreen: When will I learn.. :lol:
  11. Z

    Santa Fe with Bling Bling here I come

    What's Santa Fe like? Deserty? :???:
  12. Z

    Oh, the pains of exercise!!

    Hey guys, how often do you exercise (I'm guessing it's everyday right? 8) ) Unfortunately, some people *eyes shift nervously* don't get out much and seem to be leading a life full of vanilla buns, ice cocoa and the occasional fried rice (not to mention closed bedroom windows, drawn curtains and...
  13. Z

    Wife Swap

    I know, I know, it's a silly thing to post but does anyone here (mom's speshially, :D ) watch the show and are willing to try? I don't think I'd survive with army moms or tree hugging hippies.. :mrgreen:
  14. Z

    He is SUCH a girl..

    This is probably going to get me in trouble and be charged for high treason (pfft, yea right!) but it seems 'dear' UK PM Anthony Blair uses and buys more cosmetics/makeup than the average British woman. How weird is that?! :shock: :lol:
  15. Z

    Hallow's Eve

    It's that time of year again folks, the month of ghouls and goblins has arrived so what say you if you guys would care to tell of any interesting ghost stories? :twisted: :D I was wondering if cowboys (and girls) have their own unique legends and myths. Images of zombie chickens popping out...
  16. Z

    Have a go at this (if ya dare)!!

    Hi all, was surfing around for some poetry and found some (of the morbid kind) but hey, it's fun to try!! Judge for yourselves guys: www.deadlounge.com/poetry/ Here are some I made earlier :roll: righteous hatred what have you ruined? a black cloud of betrayal as memories darken. once we...
  17. Z

    Meet my best schoolmate Diyana!

    Hi,I'm Diyana.I'm zephyrus31's schoolmate.Nice to meet you ^_^!!!! I'm sitting at the computer right now in school,Nothing much is going on because we just finished our trial exam.Please tell me about Ranchers.
  18. Z

    My Enormous Apology

    My (guilty) conscience caught up with me and I want to declare that I'm terribly, enormously and utterly sorry for making you think I was still in UK when in fact we moved here (back to Malaysia) 5 years ago.. :oops: It's true, we did live there for 3 of the best years of my life but I...
  19. Z

    Strange 'Artwork'..

    Does anyone have any strange/unusual pictures on their PC's? Curiosity never really killed the cat right? Here's a freaky one of me in CG form.. Don't laugh!! :wink: [/i]
  20. Z

    Battery Runs On Bacteria

    Half a litre of a cow's bacteria-infested rumen juices can produce about 600 millivolts of electricity which is about half the voltage of a rechargeable battery Scientists say they have produced clean, renewable energy from the contents of a cow's stomach. Researchers found they could generate...