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    R-cult is just stupid

    This stupid attempt by the idiots at r-cult to close the border again is just plain ridiculous. The US and Canada have the same BSE status. If anything Canada is cleaner as the US has the most recent case. If the appeals court doesn't throw this out immediately, it will make them look like fools.
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    Pat Robertson makes terrorist statement

    Pat Robertson called for the assasination of Venezuela's leader, and should be tried and jailed for making terrorist threats. If Bush is serious about cracking down on threats to the US, he should start with this moron. It is these kinds of idiots and their stupid statements that stir...
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    "Adolf" Bush appoints Bolton to UN

    Once again Bush shows that he doesn't care anything about the democratic process, using anything he can to get his way. The moron is a danger to the world, and is making americans look like fools for supporting such stupidity.
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    The Apocalypse

    Maybe it is time for the Apocalypse, to finally rid the world of terrorists who kill the innocent, war mongers like Cheney and Rumsfeld who will sacrifice their own people for political and economic gain, and people like r-calfers who profit from other peoples' misery. The world is so full of...
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    R-cult loudmouths?

    Where are all the r-cult loudmouths now that it looks like the US may have another case of Mad Cow? I wonder if they're smart enough to keep their mouths shut for once. R-cult's stupid leadership has caused enough damage to both the Canadian and US beef industries. This is not the time for them...
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    First cattle out of Manitoba

    The first cattle were shipped out of Manitoba today, destined for a US feedlot. Those first cattle allowed out belonged to a fuckin' american. I am speechless.
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    Cebull filled his pants

    So-called "judge" Cebull obviously got the message and put off the July 27th hearing. The only way for that hearing to be reinstated is if the reasons given by the appeal court for their decision are extremely weak. The chances of that being the case are about as close to zero as you're going to...
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    Texas livestock tracking needs fixing

    Good grief. No wonder Japan is reluctant to import US beef. What a pathetic state of affairs. The US and Canada aren't on equal footing, Canada is about a decade ahead of the US.
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    Message to R-calf

    You lost. F.O.