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    What's the weather like at your place?

    What part of Texas are you at? It got down right hot the other day. My day mare started losing her winter coat I notices the other day. I bet she wishes she had it now.
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Finally getting some much needed rain. So far we have gotten 2.50 inches and the weather man said we could get up to 5 by this time its done. Most of the creeks around here have been dry so this might get them to flowing again. A lot of the winter cover crops planted earlier in the year still...
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    Nebraska Sandhill

    Seen this and figure Soapweed may or maybe not have known about it. The preview looks to be really good. Some one tell him about this please. https://oceanofgrassfilm.com/#trailer
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    Changes you have noticed in your area

    Waco Texas had one between Baylor university and a bar. Cops used to sit around it when the bar closed and when someone went around it more than three times they would stop them for dwi test. First time I got on it I think went around that thing 5-6 times. Couldn't figure out which road I needed.
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    Changes you have noticed in your area

    Fast Horse I was up in central Iowa a few weeks ago. Had to fly up there to ride with my daughter back home for Christmas. Her truck broke down in KC and had to get it hauled home so I could get it fixed. I got it fixed now. My wife and her with be heading back to Okaloosa Iowa Jan 2. She has...
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    couple land marks, i

    I in the south country and know Devil Tower. Never drove in that put of Wy. Looks pretty but I bet it's cold in the winter. This Texas guy has to have a tree to block that wind.😁
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    Changes you have noticed in your area

    Well my daughter wanted to go see if she could shoot a hog tonight. So my wife, daughter and I went to see if she could shoot one. She missed one her hog but sure put them on the run. But really got me is how dry it is in the river bottom. I can remember when there was no way you could drive...
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    JD hydraulics

    The hoses I normally just tap the plug ball on the equipment to bleed off the pressure on what you are hooking up. The float position should work of the tractor in taking the pressure off.
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    I say it a. cold son of a gun but wife and kids said it feels good. Damp and cold doesn't work well for my old bone. Weatherman saying we will have a high of in the low 40's to upper 30's. We need need all the water we can get, its been dry.
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    Crazy times in our neck of the woods.

    This is the oil well after it was hit by lightning. That was a all nighter getting it uncontrolled
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    Crazy times in our neck of the woods.

    That's no joke. He had oil wells on the places we own that haven't produced in years. I had the Texas Rail Road Commission out last week to see what they can do to clean everything up. I have a injection station that belong to the oil company that got hit by lighting in 2015. The plastic tanks...
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    Crazy times in our neck of the woods.

    Sorry I haven't been able to post much lately. These three daughters of ours have been keeping us going. Our oldest in at William Penn University in Okaloosa Iowa. She got a scholarship there in cross country and track. She really enjoys the area because it doesn't have the Texas heat and have...
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    Wild Hogs!!!

    These hogs today have gotten pretty smart to traps. They will eat corn right up to the drop door or a drop trap and want go in. So know its war on them. Never underestimate a redneck with a AK in a helicopter and 50 hogs below him. I just hope I don't hear hey hold my beer and watch this out of...
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    Wild Hogs!!!

    These suckers have finally pushed me and some other ranchers in our area over the top. We have a group of guys that has helicopters that do hog hunts from them coming up from south Texas to have fun. In one night these hogs have rotted up close to 50 ac. and that's just one night and on me. Just...
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    THOUGHTS ABOUT A BORDER WALL, by Steve Moreland, January 9, 2019

    I bet Nancy will be voting for a wall then.
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    Vote- Churches

    O man. I have taken some good pictures over the years, most especially since a got a phone with a camera on it. Moving up it the world now. LOL!!!
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    Finally back

    Yes it is. The funny thing is back in sept I was worried I was going to lose all my pecans to drought. We didn't have hardly any rain all summer until October and some poured barrels out.
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    Vote- Churches

    Where is 1 located at? That's pretty
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    Sunset over the flood water
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    MY DAD’S JACKRABBIT SALES in 1956, by Steve Moreland, January 13, 2019

    Great Story Soap. I used to go coon hunting with two old men (in their 70's) that was brothers when I was young. The youngest of the two and I did all the walking while his oldest would drive around a pick us up. One cold night the dogs caught a coon in the swampy area that was pretty deep. The...