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    Pasture rent

    What is a sustainable pasture rental rate and type of arrangement? Is it per pair per day, grasser per day, lb of gain or $ per acre or per season? Assume renter and landlord both want a long term relationship and both want to make some money. Thank you for your thoughts and experiences. For a...
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    bale grazer ?

    For sure there is NR influence - he was a bright guy. We have done both on end and onside. We have gone to on end because the strings are easier to pull. On side is best for hay utilization.
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    bale grazer ?

    I offered it to the 4h club but they couldnt get organized in time. I will give them more notice next year. A high school grad group did some, boys from the colony some and a local fellow the balance.
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    bale grazer ?

    It's a deal :D
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    bale grazer ?

    We put about 300 to 400 bales per quarter on hilltops and knolls and let 600+ cows graze them. We plan on 40 lbs/cow/day and then move them to the next paddock with another 300 to 400 in there. This is just a guideline and open the next gate when they have cleaned it up. We placed 3000 bales...
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    Ecological goods and services

    This topic is very interesting and an important discussion to have in my opinion. Initially, I would just be happy to keep trespassers and unauthorized hunters off my property. I have recently have had individuals thinks they are entitled to hunt on property I own because they hunted there when...
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    New chute

    i just went through the installation of a new silencer. My advise is to go very slow in looking at every aspect and choices with the different model/options chutes. I am happy now but the sales and post sales process is terrible. They have a good product and thats why they keep selling them, but...
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    Done feeding cows

    I agree, i wish there was an easy mechanized way of removing twine. This is on the menu for tomorrow. We have a bunch done, but got 600 to do tomorrow. That's a full a for a couple of guys.
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    silencer chute

    We just finished using the silencer to ultrasound a bunch of exposed females. We took the attitude to use it as it was shipped and if the hydraulic pack blows up then we go from there. It didn't. We figured out our 2 problems. One was the automatic transmission fluid used as the hydraulic...
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    Fuel supply

    First time ever, I guess the perfect storm of events. A Coop upgrader and ESSO terminal (connected by pipeline to refinery in Edmonton) less than an hour away and out of fuel. Just in time inventory management is just a little to tight for my liking.
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    Fuel supply

    It appears to be a south Sask issue. Its getting media attention, mostly about highway rigs (clear diesel) being out of stock and when is available its access is restricted to a couple hundred liters (50 gal). It took three days to get farm fuel here, normally a next day service. Just short term...
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    Calving ease vs. birth weight

    The old timers here say a cold winter = bigger calves. :agree:
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    Fuel supply

    The trencher I have doing some work onsite is was shut down for the last couple days because he couldnt get fuel. I have ordered our diesel tank filled, we will see how long it takes to get it filled. It will be interesting how diesel will rationed if thats what it come to, even in the short...
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    silencer chute

    I have been dealing with factory. I think I may try the using the bobcat which has 20 gpm of flow. i just have to now get the automatic transmission fluid out of the lines. The silencer is set up in a building so it shouldnt be too noisy. The chute is very heavy and appears well built. It's a...
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    silencer chute

    I would like to stay "silent" about the silencer chute, but just can't. I thought we were getting the cadillac and turns out to be a fixer upper. The issues are around lack of hydraulic power and draw of electrical power. Silencer manufacturing want to run electrical motor (231 volts and 40 some...
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    knife cut vs banded - premium or discount

    Thank you to all :)
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    knife cut vs banded - premium or discount

    Can you generalize and say that buyers: 1. dont care which castration method is done as along as its done well 2. Pay a premium for knife cut steers or a discount for banded ones 3. or visa versa As well, I am curious what the opinions are in terms of banding at birth versus knife cut 6 weeks...
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    knife cut vs banded - premium or discount

    I am curious if you have received or observed any premiums for calves that are knife cut vs banded? If so, how much is the premium or discount (cents per pound) and has that changed over recent years. Is this eliminated when grasser steers are sold? :)
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    I quit

    Glad to hear. It must be nice to be done. We had a year like that last year. How are you stacking your bales? Any bale grazing?
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    Norac mobile scale

    I have the tandem axle mobile model. I just got it late this spring. This fall will be first test and next year as we rotate through paddocks.