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    What 1.35 inches of rain in 5 hours looks like

    Amazing storm tonight. Started at 4:30 And just keep coming. A true blue monsoon soaker. Crazy water for this country. What a blessing!!!!! That ain’t a creek, that’s our road.
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    Star Class 😁

    While I was stuck at work today since our crew is currently short handed, littlest H was showing pigs at the county livestock show. Tenth overall and the proud owner of another star class rosette. He’s a keeper
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    Idaho Trip- Reception #2

    We are in eastern Idaho for the second reception for the wedding. West of Idaho Falls. Amazing county with water like I’ve never seen. Cow country for days and days. The irrigation cooperative pumps water up from the aquifer into a canal system. Then it’s distributed out to more pumps for the...
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    Amazing neighbors

    I got a panicked call from my neighbor today. They had out their cattle next to mine on their allotment rotation and their bulls and mine had a big brouhaha and tore down thirty feet of fence. A bunch of their cowherd went onto my leased ground. It took me a couple hours to finish up at work and...
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    Silhouette sunrise

    Had to be to my day job way early as part of my occasional duties. Leaving the house at 2 am is never much fun. But getting to see this was a fine reward for sure.
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    Little H ties the knot

    Some of y’all are aware that my only daughter is getting married tomorrow. It’s plumb crazy to think she is old enough to be doing that. But she found herself a fine young man and we think the world of him and his family. I’ll start this thread and add pictures to it as we go along. It’s a...
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    The old desert is warm and the sun has been broiling us all about medium rare. So we take shade where we can find it. I was hauling some hay this morning and snapped a picture of this young doe where she had bedded in a spot that offered some shade. She layed there until I got within 40 feet and...
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    Wonderful question

    I spent 11 hours yesterday on ranch chores. Went over early to my leased pasture with water problems and chased my tail some more. Was able to find and repair 1 leak. Hoping to have water back by fall but it’s a long shot. Then hauled mineral and salt to my cows. They are content in their summer...
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    Spent the better part of the day over in the big city getting wedding stuff. I found a pretty nice new felt Resistol hat for the wedding. And then we came back out west and found we are surrounded with fire 🔥 Big fire started today 25 miles north of us and it’s burned two homes and has wiped...
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    Water quit 🤬

    My sweet wife checked water for the cows this morning on her way to work and it has quit. So I left work early and will gather and haul them to another piece of leased ground with a good creek in it. Too dang hot to mess around with it anymore. Maybe can go back there this fall if I get it fixed...
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    Poem I wrote about putting in a trough

    I been fighting water all through June and hauling water a lot to keep up with the needs of our cows. And while a tank of water gravity fills the trough, I’ve had some time to put together the story of installing a water trough high in Otts canyon only about 1/4 mile from the top of the mnt...
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    Bovine biography

    Been a long three days of chasing water. But hope to have turned the corner. It’s significantly improved over where it was when I started. Went over tonight just because I’m a super worrier. Water was still running. Yipee. Took a few pictures of the cows and the country. Like mother like...
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    Fixing water line

    On the leased ground I currently have my cows at, suddenly the water cut way back to barely a trickle. Had been doing well. So I took a day off work and chased it. The spring is about five miles up a canyon above the pasture. Found a leak about 300 yards below the spring. Of course I started at...
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    Happy Fathers Day

    Hope all you Dad’s have a fine day. Hope you can spend time with those you love the most. Hope those of us who have lost our Dads can smile at tender memories and reminisce. Love ya Dad-
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    Lost a legend. 😢

    One of the funniest, brilliant, truly western characters of this generation. I’m glad he went fairly fast and didn’t linger. But oh how I will miss Mr. Black. Rest well compadre!!!!
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    The Butterfly

    The Butterfly I spent the day a horseback, on our annual fall gather. We had covered a lot of country and my horse was in a lather, So when we got back to the cow camp, I let him have a good roll, Then I led him over to the water trough and he drank til he was full. Since supper wasn’t ready...
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    Moved to our leased ground.

    With this drought, I’ve been stewing about switching up the way I rotate pastures. And I finally talked myself into it. I usually save this place til fall. But it gets water from a developed spring up the canyon a few miles from where the trough is at. And I got to thinking it may quit. So I...
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    Happy Memorial Day

    To all those who have served and especially those who gave their lives, in defense of our country, I send my utmost gratitude and love. May we all remember the sacrifices made so that we might live free. And May God bless us all to continue to have the blessing of freedom.
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    Bear tree

    Me and my son went on a fast trip to help my brother in law set up his bear bait. And we also chased a few turkeys around. Fun little trip. Pretty country. Saw this old tree with claw marks from a bear using it for a jungle gym SE Utah is sure God’s country. I love the place
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    Spring pasture on the desert

    Our grass is better than we had last spring, but that’s not saying much. It’s still dang dry and we could surely use a half inch of rain. I took a few pictures while checking on the water trough. A pretty decent red angus cross cow Sheeprock mountains in the back ground. Bally faced angus...