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    Letter to Cherry County Commissioners regarding Wind Energy

    Wind power will tear apart your town & your county like nothing you have ever seen. We are in the middle of a fight right now. There is one wind farm up. The best thing that can happen is the get some county zoning inplace before you get to far into it. Set back from homes & property lines. It...
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    barb wire bracket

    Put a slight bend in the nail it will stay in but you can still get it out if you need to
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    Fair price

    Not so much worried about myself. The frist 6 weeks she was on my dads pasture with my heifers then the next 6 weeks she went to a nother friends pasture with the heifer bull as she was not settled. Neither are friends of the owner.
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    Fair price

    4D I know what your saying but if I did that I would have her here until she an old cull.
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    Fair price

    I have a cow at my place for a friend. He brought her in late June to get breed. She is still with my cattle running corn stalks. I have salt, mineral & allixs with them at alltime. He said he would pay what ever I thought. That is a fair price per day?
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    Rifle, Colorado - cafe

    I bet they never get robbed. :D
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    Denn, I like the Sheifelbein Effective bull calf.
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    Midwest Liquid Feeds or any Liquid Feeds in South Dakota

    I have been using Midwest Liquid fees since March of 2013. I have it out year round with the cows. IN THE PASTURE TO THE CORNSTALKS TO THE CALVING YARDS. Never took the replacement heifers off of it. It's alot ezer than tubes. I really like it. With the price of cattle I think it payed for it...
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    Word Association Game

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    class act

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    Be careful

    farmboy where are you at, I'm 55 south of Mitchell we got 1.75" this Sunday we got .35" last Sunday 3 miles south of me nothing since mid June. I know they said on the radio south of Mt. Vernon got 8 plus as did somewhere between Mitchell & Parkston. Last year we had it bad [no rain] this year...
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    The dirty thirties all over again??

    Shortgrass how long have you been in a drought
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    Rito 707's in volume!!!

    Nice bull oldtimer. I looked at his pedigree, it was refreshing to see a animal without all the new junk AI stud bulls in the pedigree.
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    Right Hand Drive SUV's

    Most of the left hand riggs like that where brought in for mail carriers.
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    Colorado's new gun restrictions reap consequences

    I bet all the smoke from the medical weed got into Sen. Kings eyes :mad:
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    Rito 707's in volume!!!

    I had one cow that went to 707 over 70 times, I have a daughter of hers we breed back to a line breed rito Jorgenson bull so I'm sure she goes back to 707 120 times or more.
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    Rito 707's in volume!!!

    Just going off what Gene told me. I got the list of no sale bulls for another breeder & have never looked at it other than to see if lot 7A & lot 23 were on it & they were. My bad not try start any rumors. River rat did you think the heifers were to fat.
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    Rito 707's in volume!!!

    I was at the sale also seating next to the guy with the o2 tank in front of Walter Shealy of Block Groove Angus. The guys I can with got the lot 2d heifer at $5100 & the lot 24 bull at $5500. Any 707 that didn't bring $5000 was no sale so most of the sons. 30 of 42 bulls were no sale. Gene said...
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    Chinese Year of the Snake

    I thought it was the year of the snake, so they use snake in there dishes at the Chiness food joints.