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    love the San Peppy horses especially the Dual Pep's. Line breeding never a good idea. only the youngesters that we start do that winneying thing but they get over as they muture. if they did make alot noise as adults they went downt the road...
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    A poem i have yet to put a title on

    Well done! says it all. :clap:
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    I have...

    enough said! load her up and take her to the sale barn. yer burning day light as we say here!!! :D
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    super cowboy

    BRAVO :tiphat: :clap: :cboy: Dear Super cowboy...I need you!!! :help: have lots a crooked weak fences that need your super powers!!! so precious that one should be framed!!! :heart: You have lots to be proud of there!!!
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    How's the weather your way????

    :P here in the dakota's we a got a little snow, sun broke out today and felt like warm day of 29 degrees! Horse feels fresh got the buck out. :cboy: ya all have a great day.
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    dark side of the lens

    spot on that was absolutely amazing!!! brilliant work. very poetic and artistic.
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    Sout cup of Coffee

    in the dakota's ! yes sout was suppose to be "Stout" as in cowboy coffee. yes about eat it with a spoon. no watered down coffee for this cowgirl. storm was not so bad so far actually kinda warm out now. 34 degrees. have a great day time to get busy on the accounting.
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    Sout cup of Coffee

    well we are fixing to get a ice/snow storm this evening....time to get firewood, do chores and prepare!!! hope you all have a productive and a blessed day on the ranch. love what ya do........do what you love and be all that you are called to be. keep on keeping on. :D stay warm
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    How did you meet your husband/wife?

    met him, while working for some horse trainers. Met his stud horse firts...that was love at first sight. =) Met his owner while I was cleaning his stall...shook my hand and I said hello. Three months later he married me. going on 14 yrs later ...still living the adventure!
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    Very sad news

    Very Traggic and painful...lots of unanswered questions. You just don't know who is fighting a battle underneth. Prayers to his family and those whom knew him.