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    Tractor talk: JD 4560 & 4450

    I'll be looking at several John Deere tractors this weekend as I plan to buy one before the end of the year. There are much newer models on the secondary market here but I think for the money I can get the best deal on something of this age and model. I'm interested in a tractor on the order...
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    A perfect pastime for the fat man

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    JFK assassination

    Conspiracy or lone gunman? What say you?
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    It was nice knowing ya America.

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    Liberal "hell no" caucas

    :lol: The new party of no..........donks. I'm sure the fatman will be running all over the internets whining about them. :D
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    Hey Oldtimer, hey buddy!

    This information will probably be of great interest to you. I've got a reliable source who says he's got irrefutable proof that both Mike and Hypo were on the grassy knoll that day. Sound I send you the packets for further distribution?
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    Fractures opening in the donk ranks

    The donks are now in disarray with opposing forces pulling them in assorted directions. Appealing to their whacky liberal base may no longer be a winning strategy as moderates gain a stronger voice. Could it be that this disarray will leave the party fractured and result in the pubs gliding...
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    I recall when this was very important to the left.

    Seems like for the last 6 years or so this hasn't been an issue. Don't know why. :lol:
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    AP: Sullivan (R) defeats Begich (D) in Alaska Senate Race

    +8 :D Now we just need that hag Mary Landrieu to take a dive in the Louisiana race.
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    What I want to know about Tuesday's election is.........

    .....where the fark were these people and their outrage about the direction of the country in 2012? Putting that DISASTER back in office for another 4 years was the final straw.
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    Some questions, observations, and advice for OT

    Last night via PM with a member here I made the comment, "honestly, I don't understand how one man can have so many people who seem to despise him, especially on a website dedicated to ranching where the average poster is hard working, honest, self-sufficent, and would do anyting to help a...
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    Hey Fatlock, now that you've sent a packet to the FBI.....

    .......there's something you might want to know. You've been had. :lol:
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    What is this material being harvested?

    Photo by member, gcreekrch.
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    The total collapse of a bad idea

    Worth the read.
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    Separated at birth