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  1. J

    Finished seeding

    Just about the earliest I have ever finished, the last barley went in on the 11th and some harrowing I did on the 12th. This will be my fourth year with no inorganic fertilizer and hopefully my third with no herbicides, I monitor that as the season goes. A little rain is falling, life is good. :)
  2. J

    Is this fraud?

    I read about a putiing cold water, sugar and salt into a carcass to tenderize the beef, keep it red and lower the PH. With all the jawing about marinade preparations I wonder if the same people feel this process is fraud too?
  3. J

    Herdbull pic

    If this works it is a picture of a bull I raised in '98. The pic was taken in the fall of 2000 after he bred 35 cows for the summer, and he gained some weight back. Pedigree and numbers here...
  4. J

    Storm losses

    Is anyone seeing numers of losses from the Colorado/Kansas blizzards? I have heard rumors that packers are starting to contract March April fats here at 8 cents over current cash. It is said to be based on the feedlots in the affected areas losing big numbers of heavies and stalling the rest.
  5. J

    If only we knew the targets

    That phrase "if only we knew the targets" has been used several times in another thread. Here is a snippet of an article posted on Cattle Today in July. While it is true that there are many grids and premiums for some cattle on one would be discounts on another, we have the ability to...
  6. J

    Canadian Retail Prices

    Here is some info for those who want to see what retail protien prices are in Canada for the last while. http://www.albertabeef.org/canfaxfullreport.asp Chicken has averaged $5.30/kilo Pork $8.73 per kilo Beef $11.50 per kilo 1 kilo is 2.2 pounds. So chicken $2.40/lb Pork $3.97 Beef $5.23
  7. J

    Nice surprizes

    Just got some pleasant surprizes, I figured the yield on my "poor" field of barley, no traditional fertilizer for 3 years no chemical at all this year. Cost per acre of inputs this year $1.50 for organic seed treat, $8 for fuel for all operations (figured a little high to cover oil etc..)...
  8. J

    An evening spent with IAN TYSON

    I'm not a fan of country type musac.... but Ian Tyson has or maybe it is had a ranch 30 miles West of me. He's just another rancher type in these parts. :wink:
  9. J

    Passed 1000

    With 151 bales today I passed the 1000 mark. I still have 145 acres to go. Have covered 370. Then greenfeed starts. Might be 300 acres plus. I still have 200 bales of silage feed to haul that I traded bulls for last year. Cows will eat good this winter.
  10. J

    Buried numbers

    This got buried befre many read it so I just brought it back up. First off, from the total Canadian federally inspected kill 66% is killed in Alberta. This is based on 75% is killed in the West and of that 75%, 88% is killed in Alberta. (75 x 88% = 66%) This number equates to 2.4156 million...
  11. J

    More questions about BIG

    There is an article in the paper interviewing Cam Ostercamp of the Beef Initiative Group. Some will remember this as the group RKaiser was supporting. Question #1 Cam is listed as president of the group. I was under the impression from Randy that this was just an idea group. A president...
  12. J

    More news from the Canadian beef industry

    Producer plants are not dead in Canada. A proposed plant is still moving forward near High Level Alberta. It will be a hog and cattle plant with biogas energy production. I read the article in The Alberta Express newspaper. The web site www.albertaexpress.ca Another paper has an article...
  13. J

    Canfax numbers

    Canfax Report: CANFAX REPORT © 2005 CANFAX a Division of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form, or by any means whatsoever, without acknowledging that CANFAX was the author of the publication and is the owner of...
  14. J


    It is interesting about numbers we take for granted because they sound close and we tend not to check everything out for ourselves. Most have accepted that Cargill and Tyson in Canada kill 80% of our cattle. The following paragraph from Canfax would seem to disagree with those numbers. "As of...
  15. J

    US incomes

    Who eats all the burger the US processes? The top 25% of incomes in the US is $57,343 and up. The bottom 50% is $29,019 and lower. Who thinks it would be wise to promote a policy that would price grind higher than the bottom 50% of wage earners can afford?
  16. J

    Can the family farm survive?

    Econ and Randy have both bemoaned the loss of small agriculture. Small ag has long been considered the family farm. A mom and pop operation, enjoying life and raising kids with good old fashioned values. My question is how many think the "family farm" in that context can survive, or does it...
  17. J

    Good calf prices may lead to new organization

    This year calf prices are pretty decent even North of the 49th. Many guys I have talked with aren't feeding calves this winter. This means less buyers are bidding on the calves, yet the prices stay high. How can this be? Less buyers and higher prices? Maybe we should sue those guys that are...
  18. J

    How much is Tyson Lakeside making?

    Funny how the fellows that think Tyson is so all powerful that they control the universe haven't figured out the huge profits they must be making at their Lakeside plant. I mean after all 1000 workers go to work, inspectors won't cross the picket line so they get paid to stand around. Randy...
  19. J

    Why projects like BigC won't fly

    In another thread that has been derailed, I asked RandyK for clairification on the plan of BigC and he confirmed they wanted a per head check off type payment from every animal sold in Canada. Number 1 problem, this means the gov't is picking a favorite business. Number 2 problem, all cattle...
  20. J

    Question about Greenspan

    I just read an article by Bill Fleckenstein, some economist out of Seattle, who says Greenspan has been the worst Fed chief ever. He lays blame on Greenspan for everything from the tech stock fiasco to Y2K to what he says is the upcoming housing bubble. While I do understand the cause /...