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  1. DustDevil

    HELP ! I'm stuck.

    Nice place to be stuck, though. Maybe it's my smart fone or maybe I'm really that dumb, but I cant find the "log out" button.
  2. DustDevil

    Horse's Pupil

    Is this normal ? This is my second mare with this "protrusion" into the pupil, my older mare (gone now) had the same thing that progressed as she got older and it seemed to affect her vision, nightvision, especially. Thanks.
  3. DustDevil

    Wilford Brimley

    I heard a little while ago that Wilford Brimley passed away this weekend. He and Richard Farnsworth were two of my favorites. Adios, Mr. Brimley, God speed.
  4. DustDevil

    Older posts/videos.

    I wish it were a lot easier to look up old posts; I was trying to find the video of Soapweed's grandson trying to haul a cat in his little tike truck. It was hilarious. I want to show it to my daughter.
  5. DustDevil

    Putting down an old mare, or thinking about it.

    I've been keeping a Paso Fino mare for my sister in law for several years. She was stress foundered before she got her , it was kind of s rescue. My brother and her moved to SD years back and they planned on taking her but she couldn't have made the trip so I continued to keep her for them and...
  6. DustDevil

    Angel Flight: Have a Meaningful Memorial Day

  7. DustDevil

    Angel Flight

  8. DustDevil

    Shortgrass ?

    I haven't been on Ranchers much the last couple of years. I guess; is Shortgrass still around, I miss reading "Good Sunday Morning".
  9. DustDevil

    J M Capriola Owner's Death

    http://m.elkodaily.com/news/local/j-m-capriola-owner-killed-in-accident/article_561e6a5a-bc1d-11e1-81bb-001a4bcf887a.html I have a catalog from J M Capriola from 30+ years ago. I always wanted to go to Elko and stop by the store. Sad to read about, I just happened across it when I was pulling...
  10. DustDevil

    Difference between RADICAL and MODERATE Muslims...

    Not original to me but... The difference between Radical Muslims and Moderate Muslims is that a Radical Muslim will cut your head off (etc.) and a Moderate Muslim PRAYS that the Radical Muslim will cut your head off.
  11. DustDevil

    Soapweed....haven't seen much, lately.

    I haven't seen anything recent, since mid-September, I think. How are you, Soap?
  12. DustDevil

    My cap...

    Inspired by a recent picture of "Sparky" Moreland's cap with antler buttons, I thought I'd put these old Buffalo Nickel buttons to use
  13. DustDevil

    Hello Kitty T-Shirt I'd Like to See...

  14. DustDevil

    Little Juanito in English Class

    The teacher asked little Juanito if he could make a sentence using the words, " coyote and hideous"; Juanito replied, " I don like the Coyote very much, but I am glad for he hiddy ous in back of heez truck."
  15. DustDevil

    No new pics in a year.

    There hasn't been a new entry in a year; is anyone gon'na start the ball rolling again ?
  16. DustDevil

    Poetry: "The Poet"

    The Poet's an absent-minded sort where the job at hand's concerned, always thinking in flowing phrases Life Lessons he has learned; so when he skins his knuckles or busts his ass, turns his thumbnails black and blue, he can scribble it down all flowerdy, if only half of it is true. :wink...
  17. DustDevil

    This forum...

    I was afraid that this forum had been done away with as I haven't been on in awhile but I recalled seeing that you have to be logged on to get to PB. Now, as perhaps never before since our Nation's founding, has the absolute necessity of Free Speech been more apparent. We are rapidly on the way...
  18. DustDevil

    100th Birthday Celebration for a Grand Old Lady...

    ...USS TEXAS BB-35, commissioned 12 March 1914. Veteran of two World Wars, participated in the shore bombardment at Normandy and Iwo Jima. She was hit twice by German shells at Normandy one rd penetrated her hull but did not explode and is on display in the Officers' Mess. The other round...
  19. DustDevil

    Lone Survivor Movie

    If you haven't been to see it, I highly recommend it, and be ready to be choked up. I heard on the radio that in the (formerly) small town of Conroe, not far from Marcus Luttrell's hometown of Huntsville, the multi-cinema showed Lone Survivor on every screen to the exclusion of all other...
  20. DustDevil

    Phil Robertson

    If you ask Phil Robertson his opinion, you know you're going to get a truthful, unvarnished, genuine answer. I haven't heard Phil say he's going out to burn down people's houses or stone them to death because of their "life-style choice", but that homosexuality is a sin and like any other sin...