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    I'm Bored --- how about a tasteless joke.

    Two middle east women were having coffee. One brought out pictures of her deceased martyred sons. One was 26, one 24 and one 22 when they died for the cause. The other gal brought out her pictures and said hers were 20 and 18, when they also died for the cause. The first woman sighed and said...
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    JBS Natural Beef

    Hay there folks. Looks like JNS is coming to save the beef industry in Canada and there is not a darn thing I can do about it.. LOL.. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with their natural beef program? Scott?
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    What the heck

    Hi everwebody----- Just can't help checkin in on you guys from time to time and thought I would chip in once again. Watched a good movie last night called "Food Inc." Nothing really new, just the same old same old "multinational control of the Agriculture bizz", with a bit of stuff at the end...
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    Was that the real SH

    Was that really you Scott --- dropping in on the ranchers.net forum... I drop in less and less these days as well since backing away from politics and working on our own project. Third shop to open in Sept. and then on to franchise. I am training as a retailer and meat cutter three days a week...
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    Canadian Celtic Beef

    Hi guys, Have not had a lot of time for ranchers.net this summer, but do miss the banter from time to time. The wifey left for good in March and I decided to stop spinning my other wheels in the political arena as well. Have been concentrating my energy on our company for the last few months...
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    Profound Norhthern Rancher, I'll give you profound

    A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. Herm Albright Am looking forward to reading your first article in the Meadow Lake paper old boy....... Maybe you could get a friend a free subscription. :wink:
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    Welcome to Canada Gold Beef

    www.canadgoldbeef.ca Enjoy the read. Lots more to come.... Randy --
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    A true leader

    Here's the man we need to lead this industry. Remember Lee Iacocca, the man who rescued Chrysler Corporation from it's death throes? He has a new book, and here are some excerpts. Lee Iacocca Says: "Am I the only guy in this country who's fed up with what's happening? Where the hell is...
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    Bull Picture

    Out playing with the old clippers today. Plan on taking this Welsh Black bull over to a trade show to promote our upcoming sale. 19 month old bull with no grain in him at all. Used on 25 cows last summer for about 60 days. About forty five of these rascals in our forage test and they are doing...
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    Hay Oldtimer -- I got my cheque

    And what a Christmas present it is. The attached note says that the Government of Canada is pleased to provide me with this cost of production payment. The payment is part of the 1 BILLION dollar commitment announced by the federal government . My cheque Oldtimer ---- wait for it ------...
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    Question about Mr. Callicrate

    Can any of you Rcalf boys tell me if Mike Callicrate subscribes to the same cherry picking BSE science as some of the die hard protectionists on this board or if he is an Rcalf member at all. Seems that there could be some things in common with Beef Initiative Group Canada efforts and Mike's...
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    Searching for Perfect Angus Genetics I was reading a couple of articles in a major beef publication this week about Angus cattle and was prompted to write a little piece myself. The last twenty or more years have seen a major shift in purebred genetics toward this breed which deserves praise...
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    You Rcalf terrorists are slippin

    A bud of mine got a load of Hereford bulls past you down into Wyoming yesterday. Said the fellow at Billings was actually scared to deal with him and sent him on down to Wyoming. Something about terrorists slashing his tires or something nasty like that. Good old America. Almost wish I had an...
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    Where did all the Packer defenders go?

    Why are the Canadian packer defenders hiding out these days? We know that Scott has likely taken over the CEO for "Gopher trappers of America" but what about the rest who simply thought that if we continue the status quo - Cargill and Tyson would lead us to economic wonderland here in Canada...
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    All we can do now is see if domocracy really works

    Well the zone meetings are over and now we will se if the opinions of the ABP/CCA board or the will of the producer wins out in the end. The final meeting was a real hoe down in Fort Macleod. I guess most would say that we were the Indians as we did have the most war paint on. Four years of...
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    Pictures of Home

    One of the best parts of this site is seeing some pictures of home. Old Soapweed keeps us drooling over his beautiful spread but it's so nice to see variation. Here's a bit from home. This is a view from my office window. Waited 20 years for this spot to be built and now my ashes go in that...
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    After Oldtimer's Operation

    An Oldtimer is lying in bed in the hospital, > > > > wearing an oxygen mask over mouth and nose, still > > > > heavily sedated from a difficult, four hour, surgical procedure. > > > > A young nurse appears to give him a partial sponge > > > > bath. > > > > "Nurse," he mumbles, from behind the...
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    Is it obvious or what?

    First they do not want anyone to be allowed to BSE test, and then they continue to attept to screw up the market access by breaking the rules ---- on purpose I propose. Losing control of the captive North American BSEconomic market would hinder plans to bolster exports from their plants in...
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    Kaiser pictures

    Thought I would throw a few pictures at you all. I guess that the ranch talk or coffee shop threads may be the place for pictures but I think most of those folks are far too nice for grumpy old me. This first shot is of some of our pasture that was grazed while we were calving in April and...
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    It's all about Caring

    Capitalism is a lot about money and very little about caring. When capitalism goes too far, and caring becomes less, tides change. The tide is changing folks, and it's not Randy Kaiser who is doing it. Look back at the history of civilized :roll: man. Lots of shifts from right to left, and we...