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    Windmill Questions (pics added)

    Doesn't look like the link worked, but the book is "Windmills and Pumps of the Soutwest" by Dick Hays.
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    Windmill Questions (pics added)

    https://aermotorwindmill.com/products/windmills-and-pumps-of-the-southwest#:~:text=Windmills%20and%20Pumps%20of%20the%20Southwst%20Book%20was,of%20interest%20to%20the%20fan%20of%20western%20Americana. This is a good book with good illustrations and photos. Written by a windmiller and well man. A...
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    Wilford Brimley

    I heard a little while ago that Wilford Brimley passed away this weekend. He and Richard Farnsworth were two of my favorites. Adios, Mr. Brimley, God speed.
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    FROM OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES, by Steve Moreland, February 20, 2020

    I'm glad we had a visit to Sparky's world famous welding shop a few years back. I cain't imagine it as something else. I hope it doesn't turn into some kind of uppity artsy fartsy boutique. ; )-
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    Older posts/videos.

    Thanks a million, Texan. I got it, now. I looked on youtube, just didn't have the title correct. Now I can brighten my daufhter's day.
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    Older posts/videos.

    I wish it were a lot easier to look up old posts; I was trying to find the video of Soapweed's grandson trying to haul a cat in his little tike truck. It was hilarious. I want to show it to my daughter.
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    grandpa babysitting

    I bet that boy's gonna grow up to be a NASCAR driver. ; )-
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    Putting down an old mare, or thinking about it.

    Thanks, H. I agree it's better to've loved (a horse) and lost than never to have loved at all.
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    Putting down an old mare, or thinking about it.

    Jodywy, that tail is a fine tribute I bet the old hoss would gladly have given. I am sorry you lost your son. I nearly lost mine.
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    Putting down an old mare, or thinking about it.

    Thanks FH and Jodywy. It's done. She didn't suffer . She's buried next to my old mare, now. She hurt for way too long. She was getting worse so it was probably past time to do it. I appreciate the help.
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    Putting down an old mare, or thinking about it.

    I've been keeping a Paso Fino mare for my sister in law for several years. She was stress foundered before she got her , it was kind of s rescue. My brother and her moved to SD years back and they planned on taking her but she couldn't have made the trip so I continued to keep her for them and...
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    Pictures from our visit to the McGinnis Ranch near Baker City, Oregon - June 26, 2019

    Been awhile since I was on Ranchers. Very nice trip it looks like. Soapweed, good to see you with your legs under you.
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    Angel Flight: Have a Meaningful Memorial Day

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    Angel Flight

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    Shortgrass ?

    Thanks. Big Muddy. I got on fb a couple of years back, I was never going to but my brothers and some friends were on there so I figured it must not be all bad. Bad thing was, it kinda kept me from lurking around Ranchers.net.
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    Shortgrass ?

    I haven't been on Ranchers much the last couple of years. I guess; is Shortgrass still around, I miss reading "Good Sunday Morning".
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    It was cold this morning

    Hoowee ! Hope you get some weather conducive to grass growth. My Brother lives in Edgemont, SD in the " Bananna Belt" where it's see sawed between winter and spring.
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    It was cold this morning

    I know y'all up North would be laughing at us but, it is 47 deg. on the back porch this morning on the Gulf Coast. Does the chill wind seem colder when cold returns in Spring ?... after sun has warmed the ground and rain did flowers, bring.
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    Where's the "like" button on this thing ? ; )- Good story, I can see it all in my mind...smell it, too.