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    Mrs. Greg

    For those of you who remember her, she passed away last week after a two year battle with cancer. She was a sweet lady and will be missed.
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    Rite Way Mfg.

    Has anyone dealt with them? Thinking of getting a grapple from them and wondered how they are to work with. Long ways away from us.
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    What a surprise!

    A car pulled in the driveway yesterday evening and guess who it was???? Soapweed and Peach!! They are on a trip to S. Oregon and who knows where else and decided to find us. He couldn't find our phone number and I hadn't been on FB to see his message so they headed out and luckily we had put...
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    Baler question

    Does anyone have a newer Vermeer with a pickup clutch on it? We're thinking of getting a new baler and this is an option. If it would help that would be fine but if it's something to go wrong why bother. Thanks in advance
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    Balers, Vermeer vs John Deere

    We've been very happy with our Vermeer Super M baler...until last haying season. Had two of the non greaseable bearings go bad. It's had 9800 bales thru it, the repair guy said that at 9000 bales the bearings start to go. Talked to Ace this morning and he said his last JD had 33000 and he...
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    Lice control

    I know this has been talked about before, but what works best and is there anything that you can do only once per season? Tried Cleanup II last year which claims one treatment per season. Didn't seem all that great but it was really cold when we did it.
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    Baler question

    We had a hail storm about 10 days ago that really did a number on our alfalfa so we cut early to get it off so we can water up the second crop. We had a really good dew this morning (unusual for us) and Mike started to bale the raked hay. The monitor (the baler is a Vermeer 605 Super M) read...
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    Anyone using it? It sure sounds good. http://immvac.com/endovac-beef/
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    Fun visit

    Got to meet another of the Ranchers.net family today!! JDBalerman and wife stopped in on their way back home from wintering in Arizona. They were going to come yesterday but it was too windy to drive their big rig. It was a very short visit as they had a ways to drive and we had a bull sale...
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    We started watching a little while ago and are hooked!! What a great show.
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    A few pics

    Happy Belated New Years to everyone :) We've been getting quite abit of snow for a change. Hopefully it will get some springs running again and give us lot's of grass. Kind of forgot what it's like to deal with though. Happily we brought the cows home before it really started coming so...
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    Corral update

    I seem to have neglected keeping you updated on our corral progress. We got everything done except the scale and loading chute in less than two months. Not bad for just the two of us doing it and the rest of normal ranch work. The scale guy couldn't come and certify it in time so we shipped...
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    Alley question

    Our new pens have quite abit of slope to them. How much is too much slope for the alley and squeeze chute?
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    Been busy

    Building corrals .2 years without corrals 4 sets of straw corrals.... 2 for brandings, 2 for calf shipping. 2 calvings seasons using straw alley ways and electric fence. 2 loads of pipe 8 1/2 pallets of dry concrete.... And we are finally building corrals!!! Had two friends come with a skidsteer...
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    Scale question

    Do they work better with solid sides or ones they can see through? I would think the gates see through and the sides solid.
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    Bud box question

    How do they work for semi loading?
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    Bale probes

    What kind of bale moisture testers do you guys use, and are you happy with it? We had a John Deere and liked it, but it is having issues now.
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    Tractor radio problem

    So, the radio in the McCormick that is the baler tractor quit this morning. Mike was baleing and listening to a audio book. He had to get out to change the netwrap so turned off the radio, got back it and there is no volume. Changes stations etc but no volume. Please help, thank you :)
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    Baler belt question

    Do any of you buy Vermeer belts online? If so where and are you happy with them? Thanks
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    You might be a cow junkie

    If you just finished with calving not long ago and are already excited about next years calf crop :D This is Mike's first picture post (I did have to put the pictures on for him)