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    lazy ace's and my new addition

    Congratulations you two!!! Let the fun begin. Love the blanket saying; also she sure is a cutie!!!
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    Good Sunday Mornin'

    Glad John the pacer works for you. Have a great week!!
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    Good Sunday Mornin'

    Oh Shortgrass how fitting for me!! I learned Mother's Day he will come in a blink of an eye for all. I had a heart attack and coded at a large hospital on Mothers Day. God directed us to not stop at a small hospital where they didn't have the things we would need. I died but was brought back...
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    Nice write-up on a gentleman

    I just wanted to say that this thread brought back so many good memories of the Deadwood get together. I met the neatest people with different personalities.views,struggles and triumphs. I'll never forget the talent that was exhibited and something about a "license plate" lol Also I remember the...
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    Canada/Alaska photos-warning; LOTS of photos

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures!!!! You really captured the beauty and greatness of Alaska. I hope to go there sometime. Keep the pics coming.
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    Where is Shortgrass?

    I missed him too!! I'm in Las Vegas and checked on it last night but no Shortgrass. Glad to see he posted a message.
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    This is sooo bad, but I just can't help myself

    Thanks for the great laugh!!!!!
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    Corn going bad?

    I heard they had 3 piles the same size all look like that. It was wet to start with, so the troubles began. It gives me a new understanding and appreciation for the elevators that took wet corn in and now are stuck with the spoilage, but they did dock the farmers for the moisture big time. At...
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    Health Care NOT Dead BEWARE

    According to Dick Morris, Reed and Pelosi have a plan on how to still pass health care. Go to Dick Morris.com to see what congressmen they are trying to sway and how they are planning to still pass it behind closed doors.
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    Glenn's Friday Show

    Thanks Tam for the clarification. PM me, I've been wondering how your paintings and stuff are going.
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    Glenn's Friday Show

    As I watched Beck I really could correlate some things of the past to things that have been going on today. Hopefully Beck continues to point out similarities next week. It just made me sick to see that lady from the congress or senate say Mao's teachings she admired. And then to know a...
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    Brown wins there is hope for some real change now!

    I'm so proud of the people in Mass. for their vote. It gives me hope for our country that we might survive and come back to common sense.
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    My Post Christmas Activities

    Love the dress, beautiful!!!!! Also like the sneakers. With our daughters wedding I put on sneakers for the dance, little did I know the groom's father also decided to have sneakers on. We had a good laugh and both were very comfortable.
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    Digging out from the blizzard.

    We have an old snowblower, I'd think you'd call it a 3-point on the back of tractor. Hubby got it out with this storm and it still works just fine. It only has one set of blades so it is slower than the new ones. The new one a friend has that has 2 blades and 2 spouts worked great. We got...
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    Christmas Blizzard

    The wind is blowing good and it just started to snow here in NW Iowa at 3 pm. We have the generator ready to go if needed and I already have set water aside just in case rural water has problems. I can't go with out my coffee. Everyone stay safe.
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    Prayers Needed

    Prayers from here also. I worked through a similiar situation as a nurse. God help all those in need.
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    Glad to hear from you TTB. You are right in the year to forget but we have such fond memories of it also. We had our daughter and son take off work a few days to help and the 2 grandkids were a big help on the weekends. It will be a long time before I eat another cold meat/cheese sandwich...
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    Finally we are finished with the 2009 harvest today. The combine worked perfect during the blizzard this week. It was so cold the snow shot right through the machine. I'm so glad it is over. We have never combined in this much snow, it was an experience!!!!!
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    Question for the board

    I was told for tax purposes it is 5 years. I dumped this past winter and many times I wished I hadn't. There are things I know got dumped that I really needed this year. I'll never do it again.
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    Corn crop

    Talk around here is that propane is in short supply. We've booked and prepaid but now there is no guarantee that we will get it.