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    8th Annual National Grazing Conference

    Leanin'H, thank you for at least looking. The complete agenda is not up yet, the abstract reviews just finished and the list of speakers and schedule is being finalized. FH part of the reason places like Myrtle Beach get selected is because of the size of the venue as well as the cost and...
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    8th Annual National Grazing Conference

    I haven't been on this forum in years, glad to see not much has changed!
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    8th Annual National Grazing Conference

    This conference has become one of the best in the Nation. The majority of the speakers and presenters are producers from all over the US. If you are looking for an education opportunity you won't want to miss this conference. https://www.grazinglands.org/grazing-conference/
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    Stockmanship and Ranch Roping

    Stockmanship and Ranch Roping is a group on Facebook. Some of you might enjoy it. They screen the members to prevent the troubles that come from having mass numbers on the internet. They cover a very wide variety of topics that are ranch related. The members are screened through questions...
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    Performance Trailers

    Has anyone ever pulled a Performance Trailer? I have never heard of them but found a used one that would fit our operation nicely. Any input would be appreciated.
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    Prospective opportunity to increase our cowherd

    Go for it H!!! We just got into a lease a little over a year ago and have expanded our cow herd. November 2014 we owned 40 hd of cows, we now are running about 250 hd of cows both leased and owned. Be smart about your planning and go for it, I think you will regret it terribly if you do not...
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    Bull Lease

    If you have a bull that you are going to cull, sell him to your neighbor at cull value or a little more. Your neighbor will have a bull and you get your money no matter what. When he sells him he will get his money back if he keeps him in good condition. I think Jorgensons might get 1100 for...
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    Travalong VS Titan

    The Titan is a Classic, the Travalong is a bull package
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    Sorting gates

    I help a guy who has a setup similar to PPRM's. There is a sorting alley that sets in front of the chute, a gate hinges off the corner of it. The angle allows it to close next to the chute yet still allows it to go by a cows head when she is caught. on the other side there is a gate that is...
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    Travalong VS Titan

    Sparky is a pretty good hand with about anything I can think of!! My hopes would be that I could do any repairs needed unless it involved structure damage, then Sparky is the man. I don't like rust and I don't care for poor structure. Preventative maintenance goes a long way.
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    Private Messages

    When I try to send a PM it goes to my outbox but does not send it. Can anyone tell me why?
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    Travalong VS Titan

    I am not buying new or this would not be an issue. If I could afford new I would order what I want and have it built to my specs. I am looking at affordability, but am not willing to sacrifice quality. Both of these manufacturers have there problems. Titan seems to be the brand of choice in...
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    Travalong VS Titan

    Denny, I am not a Titan fan either. I pulled a new one once, I had to have the axles redone and quite a bit of welding done within 1000 miles of new. It seems that our options are limited here. I am hoping to sell the 7x20 featherlite aluminum I traded for last spring and get into a bigger...
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    Broken Bow Nebraska

    My grandparents owned a trailer park on the south side of town. My grandfather was known for having a pretty classy outfit, kind of ironic.
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    Travalong VS Titan

    I am looking at another trailer trade. I have found a 93-94 Travalong 30ft triple axle that looks to be in good shape. The bottom has already been plated and owner states all uprights are good. There is also a 28ft Titan Classic triple axle in an 05 model. The titan has some paint fading and...
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    Sitton spurs

    Does anyone know anything about Sitton spurs? Any information would be appreciated, thank you.
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    Hydra-beds~ Which is your favorite

    I haven't used a Hydra Bed. I liked the Krogmann bed that I used. I have a DewEze that is probably 30yrs old, it still works and has lots of lift capacity, that's about all the good I can say about it!! DewEze has made some changes, I believe they now have pivot style arms instead of arms...
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    fence charger's

    I am sure that the cost to ship in to Canada would make it counter productive, but I can make you a hell of a deal on electric fence supplies. Staffix and Speedrite are one in the same and they have a tremendous product.
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    Who is becoming your top Republican Presidential Candidate?

    I like what Carson has to say, I just don't think he will get elected. I think he is very real as well. We all know that it is a game, each and every politician can be bought in some form or another. Generally it is a "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" agenda trade off. Most of them...
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    HIGH SCHOOL -- 1957 vs. 2014

    Soap, this is a real situation. When our oldest started to pre-school she had a really tough time. She would cry getting on the bus, cry when she got home and not sleep at night. This went on for quite some time. We became worried that maybe there was a bullying issue or some other problem...