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    Our Black Senior Herd Sire

    Here's a photo of our registered Longhorn Senior sire, "Jet Black Phantom" (Overwhelmer X Jet Black Wynonna). He is about 6.5 yrs old. "Phantom" is dual registered ITLA and TLBAA and is an ITLA A.I. Certified sire #2001. His weight now is about 1780#. In January, 2005, we were approved by...
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    Cattle Today/Ranchers.net

    Ok...I will VOTE FOR the new format on ranchers net board!! Much easier to "sort thru" what I want to read. The "threaded" formats are difficult to pick what you want to view---lots of scrolling to find something. With the new format, I can easily pick a category. Then, I can sort thru the...