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    ELD AG Exemption

    Looks like 5 years to figure it out.
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    Pretty quiet

    How does one get so lucky to acquire such land?
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    Pretty quiet

    Guess we can blame it on the infamous "wall" of cattle
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    Spearhead branding April 23, 2018

    Is the rawhide a new addition to the operation?
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    I know Long-range injectable is becoming hard to source.
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    Pharo... People are either drunk on his koolaid or can't stand his philosophies, seems like there is no middle ground.
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    Pictures from late March through mid April of 2018

    Good to hear Soap, looks like you have fine help. I spotted a Ram in the feed lineup.
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    Spring storm

    Tornados close to here last night, a lot of damage about ten miles down the road from me.
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    April Fools

    Boy this is sure making it around the cyber world!
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    Credit Cards

    I'll add that when a debit card gets hacked it's your personal money from your checking account going out. They can drain you dry.
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    2017 U.S. Beef Exports Never Better ...

    Cull cows are in the 50's because of all the dairy cows being slaughtered. That market is saturated currently. I do agree with your comment on the beef being called Product of USA.
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    I think dad covered and told son if it was a big issue plant 5 more acres and don't worry about covering. Not my operation just telling you what I've seen, the old cows keep milking on the junk.
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    Thats not true where I live. I can show you multiple piles that aren't covered and they might loose 6-10" to spoilage. I'll stand by my thought if your letting cattle all over it why cover it.
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    Why go to the trouble of covering if your just gonna graze and trample it anyway?
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    60% of the country is in some kind of drought

    Severe here, not far from the extreme line. Did rain and storm last night but I haven't made it to the gauge yet.
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    Was 70° yesterday

    64 to 10. Got just a little rain/freezing rain/snow when it passed. That north wind is the worst part about it all. I was fine before it warmed up and brought that frost out.
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    Calving in the cold

    -20 or 20? F or C? I don't have the option to lock cows up but generally don't have many calving when it's 0.
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    How Cold is it?

    thank you for mentioning this. I think the other day it was 83% humidity and 23°. You talk about a damp cold that can get to your bones.
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    How Cold is it?

    -5 this morning already 0 currently. Awful cold for our area but I've seen colder. The -25 wind chill was a little rough earlier.
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    Some pics and maybe a video or two...

    Yep 35 with humidity will freeze me to death, I know guys laugh at that but until you've experienced it you have no idea.