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    The National Media is recognizing the west is in a drought

    Ya, but it's all the republicans fault.
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    JD hydraulics

    Pretty dumb question but I'll ask anyway. A lot of times the remote hydraulics on my JD are pressured up and I can not plug in my implement. To make matters worse, sometimes the implement hydraulics are also pressured up. My solution has been to loosen the fittings on the hydraulic lines to...
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    Cat got your tongue?

    I would have thought staying at home and maintaining "social distancing" would have started a lot of conversation. Not so. No new posts here and very little elsewhere. What's going on? Pick a subject. Lets yak about it.
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    Mob Rule and they won't go away

    Yes Sir! somebody is paying. We just had a group of Green Peace yahoos hanging from one of the bridges over the Houston ship channel shutting down the water way as well as the road. Wouldn't do for me to have handled the situation. I would have cut their F----- ropes and let them fall 200 feet...
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    There are a lot of things NOT allowed over there! I just came back from lurking over there and it's the same old BS that has been going on for years. A couple of people complaining about their used (purchased used) LB7. I had one of those for 12 years and over 300,000 hard miles and NEVER had...
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    one less problem

    :lol: :lol: Good one, Soap. Yes, I remember.
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    one less problem

    As faster said, Good Luck. Everyone has a story. Mine I had just built a brand new 5 wire fence between me and my neighbor. I did not want his ugly bull in with my pretty heifers. He got in, chased him out, got in again, chased him out and fixed my new fence and before I got back in the truck...
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    Don't stand a chance

    Had a strange thing happen the other day. The wife and I were at the local community college signing up for some CEU's when I asked about teaching opportunities. I wrote down a few notes about what subject I would be willing to teach and gave it to the registrar assistant. The next morning I...
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    Gas Powered T-Post Driver

    Yes sir. Sure saves my back.
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    Before refrigeration

    I have heard about this for many, many years however neither my parents nor grand parents used this method for preserving eggs. I'm assuming it works.
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    Gas Powered T-Post Driver

    Little off subject but I use an IH 1486 FEL bucket and a 2" pipe sleeve and push them in the ground. If they won't go I scoop up a yd of dirt to add weight and push them in.
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    We must have been geniuses

    I'm assuming you're talking about a NMP? If one of those is generated using the phone is probably the least of what we should be worrying about (Ha).
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    Cattle Today

    Well, I left CT several months ago because of a couple of smart a$$--. Don't regret it. I was trying to help a fellow CT'r with an electrical problem and a jerk (from Texas) kept butting in giving wrong (and dangerous) information. So stick it.
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    Ginsburg retirement?

    Yes, you're right. Sorry but you started to get my hackles up. You're a smart man, Charlie Brown.
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    Ginsburg retirement?

    So who, in your opinion, are the bad actors?
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    Robo calls

    Faster, sounds like you are as frustrated as I am. Yes, I know about the call block and it is enabled on my smart phone but the phone rings anyway. I have often redialed the number captured on my device and sometimes have actually gotten an answer. Party on the other end have no idea that call...
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    Robo calls

    The random phone calls I am getting is driving me nuts (not too far to drive). What really ticks me off is that no one will do anything about it. I've talked to our local AG without a successful resolution and AT&T act like they don't know anything about. I am on local, state and national no...
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    Interesting Read

    I may take you up on that. When do you start working hay? If everything is just right we can a cutting in by early June but that doesn't happen very often.
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    Interesting Read

    I think next hay season (if I'm still alive) I'm going to come up and watch you folks work hay. Maybe one of you will put me on a swather and turn me loose for a day or so.
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    Interesting Read

    Just finished reading the post on "Rotary Mowers" and it's kinda interesting the equipment brand differences between what you folks use where you are and us folks down South. For example, you folks talk about using 16' mowers (or bigger) and cutting a 100 acres a day. Don't know how you do that...