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    John Deere Tie Rod End

    My JD dealer offered an aftermarket option. I ended up buying a 30mm wrench from Lowes and grinding it down.
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    Tow Bar

    Has anyone ever rigged up a tow bar to haul their pickup behind their tractor? My post driver has a hitch receiver on it and was looking into towing my truck, '02 F-250, behind. Any recommendations on what model?
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    John Deere Tie Rod End

    I think I'm going to have to go buy one, looks to be about 30mm, somewhere between 1 1/8"-1 1/4".
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    John Deere Tie Rod End

    There is a flat spot, but it's right next to the tie rod end and I don't have a wrench that thin. Putting a wrench on the tie rod end gives you even less clearance to fit a wrench on that spot.
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    John Deere Tie Rod End

    I have a bad tie rod end on my JD 6310, do they make special wrenches for the tight clearance for this stupid thing? I don't have anything in my shop to get this apart. The main problem is something to fit onto the chrome part that would attach to the left side of this tie rod end. Left as...
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    Question on electric fences

    I will likely be switching to StaFix or Speedrite (both TruTest) going forward. They have the ability to run your fence bi-polar. They also have an all-in-one remote and fence tester. Has Gallagher bought out tru- test? Kencove now has a line o f chargers with remotes that are inexpensive and...
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    Question on electric fences

    Just a disclaimer, I absolutely do not reccomend straight high tensile wire fence for horses. When they run they can't see it, when they go through it, it will cut through their thin skin like a cheese slicer. To utilize all the advantages of high tensile wire you can go with a product like...
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    Hi to everyone

    I just wanted folks to know that nobody on this board did anything to turn me away. You may or may not have noticed I haven't been on here much for a while, I've been involved with a pretty active cattle related email group and haven't had as much time to check Ranchers.net.
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    The #2 food farmers are afraid to eat.

    The farms you buy your grain from, do they receive subsidies? If they do, then you are buying the grain at an artificially low price. Look at what Argentina did when the government set a price limit on beef, about $.35/lb if I recall, they finish their beef through grazing and a forage chain...
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    The #2 food farmers are afraid to eat.

    I disagree, the subsidies are an integral part of the discussion of grassfed vs. grainfed, and I will fight until my final breath to end the subsidies. If New Zealand can do it, so can we. In case you haven't noticed, our country is BROKE and we can't keep throwing good money after bad! If it...
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    The #2 food farmers are afraid to eat.

    How about we eliminate grain subsides so we can start the discussion on an even playing field. Do you honestly think we would be feedlot finishing cattle at the scale we do in this country if grain wasn't subsidized? Yes the graph came from a grassfed website, but the data came from an...
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    The #2 food farmers are afraid to eat.

    You've done exactly what Joel wants, he stirs up the pot and gets people talking about it. Unfortunately the reality is the grain feeding is just a way to add value to subsidized corn. Grassfed beef can be better or worse, it depends on the person finishing it. It takes a heck of a lot more...
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    Fence Brace

    Good point, makes sense. I don't the ground is going anywhere! New Zealanders do a lot of diagonal brace assemblies rather then H Braces. Keep in mind they're doing these on non-electric post and batten 9-10 wire high tensile with very tight wires, like 250 lbs each. The pamphlet "Fencing...
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    Paul: Total Martial Law

    I am most of the way through the book One Second After it is a great illustration of what can happen with rogue nations having nukes and how quickly our country can be sent back into the pre-industrial age. I like Ron Paul on a lot of issues, but the chain of events that we are subject to as...
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    Aluminum Trailers

    I think our EBY Wrangler trailer was built in 1991, it's still going strong.
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    Myths of Meatless Monday

    That's the women that was on John Stossel talking about how feedlots are so much better then grassfed beef. She makes some very good points but does not give the hole picture, she is very biased on the status quo. http://blog.americangrassfedbeef.com/john-stossel%E2%80%99s-take-is-just-wrong/
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    Ron Paul Speaks Against Killing Awlaki

    If you have your child while you're over seas, does that child become a citizen of that country? Why was Awlaki born an American citizen when his parents were here on student visas from Yemen? He also claimed to be from Yemen to receive grants and tuition assistance going to college in the USA.
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    Ron Paul Speaks Against Killing Awlaki

    I think he denounced his citizenship de facto by declaring war against the United States and joining Al Queda.
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    Awlaki Killing: Constitutional?

    What about all the old Wanted posters from the Wild West, "Wanted: Dead or Alive" Was that constitutional back then? Is this really any different?
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    Obama calls for $33 billion cut in farm programs

    You can make a little bit of money off of EQIP, but not enough to worry about. It used to be a reimbursement program but now their economists come up with what it should cost. They have the same cost per foot of permanent fence weather it's 1 strand of high tensile or a woven wire fence. You...