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    Feeding hay in Alabama

    I would have to say our land cost would run around $2,500 U.S invested per cow. This still requires payments of over $225 per year in cash flow per cow. $6,000 per cow would be over $500 with 5% interest rates. Not sure of how a young farmer trying to finance the land would make a go of it...
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    Ground load trailer

    The cheapest way we found was to convert a 45 foot drive van trailer with sliding axles to haul cattle. We just cut 2 holes in the front and 18x18 inch holes along the top of the sides of the trailer, made a divider and lined the walls with plywood. We then had a custom stock trailer door...
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    Just curious, for the people who voted yes or no to the poll, what are some of your reasons for the way you voted? What does the Opening of Japan to under 21 month age cattle have to do with "OTM" cattle from Canada? Will "OTM" cattle inclued breeding stock or just cows destined for slaughter?
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    Creating A Business Plan

    Halo beef, Up here our land economics are similar to northern Saskatchewan. I always try to compare the productivity on land by $ invested per cow. Here the cost of a average quarter of pastureland runs 35k which in turn averages carying capacity of 35 pairs. Cost would be $1000 per cow cdn...
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    Observations from a bred cow sale this week

    I don't mean to be negative Doc Harris, yes cattle markets are good even after being kicked in the teeth up here for two years but like you said the cow herd will increase again. But I Just try to take a unbiased, non emotional view when trying to decide how to spend my money. Perhaps I'm in...
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    Observations from a bred cow sale this week

    Cowzilla wrote: "Seriously, a pair is going to cost x amount of dallors to run for one year. When calves are worth 400 a head and cows are selling for 800 a head and it cost 400 to run a cow for one year, there is no profit. When calves are selling for 600 a head and cows are selling for 1200...
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    Observations from a bred cow sale this week

    All I can do is look south on the pastureland we were hunting on along the border and tell myself someday I will reach the "Promised Land." IF I could sell our herd of cows for $765 U.S a piece I would be happy. Perhaps if the border opens to OTM and breeding cattle next year I will reach the...
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    ‘Exorbitant’ CAN packer profits

    Sandhusker This arguement hold no water. Are not all exporters in any business "over producers". Is that not how the export free trade game works. Canada will always produce more livestock and grains than it will ever consume simply built on its large agricultural land base and small...
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    “This is why producers need R-CALF

    Oldtimer Wrote "Does it not bother Canadians that their industry survives only thru FRAUD? Riding on the backs of what the US producer built--Talk about cowardly and lying!!!!!!" I don't loose any sleep over it because I know all the Green tractors and Combines sitting in our farm yard were...
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    Can the family farm survive?

    I think comparing the depreciation of a 4x4 truck to a quarter section of land as an investment point of view doesent make much sense. I invest to make money. If you are assuming your quarter section of land will go up in value then this I would consider real-estate speculating not farming...
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    Can the family farm survive?

    With those figures Jason that would mean you would have over $9000 per cow invested in land. Who in their right mind would ever go out and pay that much to raise cattle. I have a hard time even justifying paying $1000 per cow for land invested in Manitoba even with decent bred cows still...
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    Maybe Im a bit slow or this may be of topic or maybe this is a stretch. How can Senators be calling for retaliation against Japan for not allowing American beef into their country but on the other hand individual states are taking a step backward in supporting litigation to close of canadin...
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    Pat Robertson makes terrorist statement

    I dont know enough about Pat Robertson or the story behind this to comment. But I do proudly support Americans. God bless America.
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    Why don,t we price our product ?

    Maybe the cattle industry needs a marketing board??? That should get the discussion fired up! :shock: Are you suggesting Canada should go to a Quota supply managed system like dairy and poultry. That would mean we would all have to cut back our production severely to match supply with...
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    Herd Rebuilding Slowed by High Prices

    Wow! All I can do is look south east and dream of this promised land. If I could get this type of money for my cattle I wouldnt hesitate to sell them. I think sometimes the "Hobby or weekend farmer" can be more dangerous to fulltime or young farmers than any NAFTA or CAFTA agreements. These...
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    If you had it all to do over again, what would you do?

    If I could do it again, I would not have done it. Too much work for too litle pay. Return on CAPITAL is too low. Farming must be the most subsidized and screwed up market. Farmers bid up land prices between themselves beyond their productive value. Farmers are price takers and how am I going...
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    Subsidized Canadian Cattle?

    $300 American for a cull cow. I would be happy if I could get that. I heard of a few farmers here actually getting bills after taking cull cows in. Many decent bred cows including herd dispersals sold from $350 to $600 Cdn. this spring.
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    Subsidized Canadian Cattle?

    If I remember correctly i received a one time payment of $200 per calf based on the maximum one-third of my cows. Considering the border was closed for 2 years this works out to be $33 per cow per year. I dont think $33 per cow can be considered significant compared to how the feeder market...
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    Red River, are you for real?

    Redriver your a pathetic joke. Your an embarassment to all Canadians. Take a hike, Im getting tired of the crap you post. I am seriously starting to think you are just some 15 year old kid just looking to get attention and stir up trouble. No level headed farmer would talk the way you do...