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    NH 664

    I wouldn't have known this a week ago but check to see if the breakaway is still straight and the plate your arms sit on. Mine didn't breakawy and bent several things and that was the symptom.
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    CIDRs and natural service

    I don't think cidars will tighten them up but the shot does. If I had an older bull I run him with up to 20 heifers figuring he could average 3 a day. Yearlings were 10-12 heifers.
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    CIDRs and natural service

    I think it would be best not to give the shot. That should spread them out over 5 days instead of 2. I haven't done it with cidars but I did it a few times with MGA. What I learned is make sure they are split with only 1 bull. Injuries will happen if you have more than 1. I used older bulls for...
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    Marty ranch

    Grazing year round would work in a couple ways only. Either you have your place paid for or have a full time job in town where you don't have time to manage your cattle. My single biggest line item expense is land payments. I am overstocked and will be for at least as long as I am paying for...
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    John Wayne and Dean Martin

    I have seen it a dozen times and still couldn't help but click on it and watch again. Great message.
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    Alanta just can't go with the flow

    Not sure about you H but I was in High School in 1984 and people were talking about the book. Some thought George Orwell to be a modern day prophet. Little did they know that the big brother they were so scared of would come from the grassroots of their grandchildren demanding someone to look...
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    February 01

    You guys don't sound like you are preparing for a drought. I ain't either but I hadn't heard them sayings. I heard "always have 2 years hay on hand so count your bales and feed 1/2" There was a year that was exceptional and I was understocked. I put up 10 ton per cow and never sold a bale. My...
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    Hereford bull advice

    Keith Carmichael is a good guy and honest as they get. He has good cattle. I have bought from him before. I also sell bulls, mine sell in Philip Feb 11. In my opinion if you are looking for females the L1 is hard to beat. If you want to talk about bloodlines (605) 859-3538 I will add this...
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    Which would have the most value?

    You know the answer,,,,,,,,,, Figures don't lie but liars figure. I can make both sides of that one pretty easy
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    A few bull pictures

    Feb 11 at Philip Livestock 12:00 noon
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    A few bull pictures

    Thanks, I hope the sale is good also and I am pretty sure my banker is thinking the same way! 8)
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    A few bull pictures

    I took them off yesterday. I weighted him as a yearling and must have got them off too quick as they really only went to straight. I put them back on in September. His would be too far if he was a yearling but now he is about right in my book. Thanks for the comments.
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    A few bull pictures

    Any thoughts or comments?
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    Science and Technology Quiz

    I only got 11 but the reason we did so good is obvious. Ranchers who have embraced the computer technology are obviously the best and brightest. Maybe they should send us to Washington.
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    Terrible early October 2013 blizzard

    I douby they would belive the real facts if they were told. I am sure some of them are just trolling anyway. I have quit reading comments with any story just because there is always somebody who is just trying to get under somebodys skin. You can't win a battle of the minds with an unarmed...
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    Terrible early October 2013 blizzard

    Thanks, most of the sorting is done around here but to the North it is just beginning. Losses up there are brutal. Check out the post I put under perseverance.
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    Terrible early October 2013 blizzard

    Hell hath no fury compared to a northern plains blizzard, but the Herefords survived it. I am not even sure what to say, but I will give you an update. 2-4 inches of rain at 40 degrees and dropping until it started to snow. Anywhere from a foot to 4 feet of snow, the heavy wet kind. The whole...
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    Storm Atlas takes its toll, perserverance will remain

    I posted this yesterday on a different site. I am back. If today ever comes back around, shoot me. Everything I said last night was with rose colored glasses. We sorted all day with a big crew and got 1700 back to where they belonged. Only problem is there should have been 2500. Sorry, I...
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    Devastating October 2013 blizzard pictures

    I moved mine but it didn't matter. I got through in good shape but the 40 degree and dropping rain accompanied by 40-60mph winds pushed everything out of protection. There were cattle that died in corralls and windbreaks. Some out in the open made it.
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    Multimin taking place of sack mineral

    multimin won't take anything over up here until they come out with a selenium free product. Nobody gives cattle selenium in my area on purpose.