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    Hey Gcreek

    Don't know how it works there but here the used to fight fire at night when it was down out of the treetops and sleep during the day when it was up and running. Now they aren't allowed to fight fire. At night. Any fool can see there are a lot more uncontrollable catastrophes. They also consider...
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    HS rodeo

    I feel your pain BMR. My biggest fear is my cows noticing how tall and green my not the least bit understanding neighbors wheat field looks early in the morning .
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    Strangest Cattle Feed/Supplement?

    Pea hulls ,cracked Alfalfa seed, clover hulls,all kinds of grass seed residue. Best ever was peeled Canary seed. Birds won't eat any with hull peeled off.
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    New Christmas Tradition

    Say Big Muddy, can you pick me up a couple of bottles of tequila at duty free?
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    Steel vs OSB on shop interior walls ?

    Steel washes nice with a pressure washer. Never needs re-painting. If your doing much welding get some of those big plastic pig barn heat exchangers to get rid of the smoke without loosing all you heat. Tube heaters keep the floor warm with lower cort.
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    How cold is it?

    I read somewhere that Sask was colder than Mars last winter. This past week reminds me of last winter. Glad to have some shelter to park the animals behind. Somebody turn off that fan!
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    Big Muddy Rancher

    If your looking to start a kid riding is a "pony rode by 7 to 11yr old" a good first horse? IMHO 7 to 11yr olds don't instill good habits in naturally sour little ponies. Maybe I'm a sour old Bstard and just don't remember anything good about ponies?
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    Cattle Market

    Maybe you should trade the steers dollar for dollar for some nice looking heifers? Down side can't be much worse and the sky's the limit on breds.
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    Dexter Cattle for starting

    My neighbor had Dexter cattle. Unfortunately his bull got out and bred some of my cows. Can't think of anything desirable about the resulting calves. Lots of good genetics to pick from in Angus.
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    Your opinions on a couple of AI sires, please

    What do you think of the Koupals Juneau cattle Denny? Very inaresting pedigree. Have a fairly high CED probably from all the 707 in the pedigree. Do you think that is an issue at all?
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    wires for solar pump

    You can use a threaded tee and seal the wires with a strain connector like they use where wire go into the box on industrial electric motors. I think you can get a variety pac at Home Depot. http://www.homedepot.ca/product/pvc-threaded-strain-relief-connector-150-1-2-inch/954713
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    JD makes a high capacity baler and will do some of the things you ask. The don't do the dribble it in well. If someone knows how to make them pick a light windrow I'd be interested to hear how? I'm not to partial to any brand but I haven't found anything that likes washouts or rocks. I always...
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    Our Food Service Workers

    Hope yer not going for one of those chicken plant jobs OT, as you will test positive for TB if you have been vaccinated. Do you wash your hands when you take a pi$$? I think you need to be watched by th hand washing police.
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    BP estimates nearly 60 years of oil left on earth

    I believe in the oil sands they only count what is stripped for production as "proven" reserves. Wasn't long ago oil sands production was considered uneconomic at $40/bbl.
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    I have a 1431 that I have dragged around quit a bit. Everything else I have is green. I think NH makes a good mower. Bearings on the left hand side drive are too small on a 1431 and will only last about 1200 acres. There is room for the next flange block if you sleeve the shaft. That helps some...
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    stormtracker--up to 20" snow, 4" rain

    My FIL said he is beginning to dread Father's day as we seem to get Monsoon like big rains around that time every year. So far so good this week as we have only had 3/4 inch but an hour away they have 3 inches and didn't need any.
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    If you have been infusing simmi genetics into your cows and they only weigh 1000# you might try cutting back on about 1/3 of your cows and providing the same amount of feed as you are now.
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    Calf prices

    The difference between a rising market and a falling market is often what can be loosely described as wider "basis" or the difference between cash and futures. The day they announce BSE in Canada the basis was about about 95% discount. Does this program provide any basis protection?
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    Soapweed can vouch for this list

    DDT never bothered anybody. Ag pilots used to spray it al day long with no effect. Housewives put it on windowsills to kill flies. We had a fogger for the lawn mower that worked great. Unfortunately,it was very hard on the birds. Thin shells and the eggs broke before hatching. I used the last I...
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    More April 2014 photographs

    A set of back catchers knee pads that go down over the top of your foot make it a lot easier to recruit pushers. Keep yer head up!