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    bring country together

    if I hear that one more time I will explode. the left hates my views on everything from law and order to guns to abortion. if i bend to their view I can be an American if not go take a flying leap as they have no care what I think just obey.
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    The Weissmann Dossier

    ole Bob s clutch is a slipping
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    Another assault on beef (cows)

    Its amazing, only time the farmer is even mentioned is to bash Trump. Until the " trade war" the media didn't give a damn if we starved, died, or hopefully didn't vote. Then the tariff deal pops up and we are such pore victims, about to lose our lively hood. Not so deep down, they would be...
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    Reaganite's SUNDAY FUNNIES

    I've seen a d 8 cat boomed down that wasn't under that much strain! Wonder how long that cheater pipe was?
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    Reaganite's SUNDAY FUNNIES

    The description horse face comes to mind but why in heck would I disparage the equine of the world.
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    July 4

    Driving home, long day, been a long spring, a struggle. News is earthquake in California, was waiting on some numb n**s to blame Trump. Then got to thinking, I'm driving a wore out pickup home, have a bucket of fresh tomatoes, a bag of fresh okra, a few potatoes, and a mess of green...
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    Draining the swamp

    Of the 550 research jobs, 549 of the are still researching how food originates at the grocery store, the one left has been there so long the only thing he researches is his time to retirement.
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    Completed By October 2020

    Only thing better is 10 greyhound busses full of assylum seekers stopping on Lombard street every 30 minutes.
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    Here is the story in a nutshell:

    And don't for 1 second think the FiSA court judges were not in on the deal from the start. Anytime you have the word "secret" in your name the invitation to corruption is all around and having the great John Roberts driving the selection process, anyone should be especially worried.
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    Who is behind AOC?

    For someone who a couple of months ago couldn't find affordable housing in D.C., now we had funds to go to SXSW in Austin Texas, probably the most expensive outing imaginable. Spreading 15 grand a month as thin as she spreads it aint making a lot of sense.
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    Reaganite's SUNDAY FUNNIES

    You want something "funny"? Try finding Kamala ' s ex on an Internet search.
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    Reckon a swab from heinz 57 cow in the back 40 would f up their data mining?
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    Ruth out?

    She wil hang on for as long as possible, if she can make 365 days, then maybe the senate would wait another year for the next election and maybe Beto will nominate the El Paso JP to take her spot.
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    Kasich loses again

    Perfect example of someone who is a legend in his own mind.
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    Claim: ‘Compelling Evidence’ Will Exonerate Brett Kavanaugh Soon

    I'm hoping someone female dog slaps Flake. I'll pitch in for his go fund me.
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    Deep state has lost, even if they don't know it yet.

    Think a little before you start with the kidney disease, you actually think dear old Maxine and co can come up with high crimes and misdemeanors? What, he texts, he's a womanizer, he's vulgar, he told off the Europeans, just what?? Then there is the senate, you think 67 of those teetering old...
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    Stealthy Jeff

    How many years did he sit in the senate, giving nothing more than a grunt and a nod to who ever and what ever? I don't care if he preaches with Billy Graham, the man can't find his azz with both hands and a flash light. Washington dc is a Sewer, needs a septic pumping, a load of ridex, and a...
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    Stealthy Jeff

    Make you a bet, all those "sealed indictments" will still be sealed till god comes home and we don't have to ever think of the swamp again.
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    Stealthy Jeff

    Jeff Sessions is just like every other senator who parked their fat azz in Washington, eat, drink, be merry, do Mary do absolutely nothing except draw their pay, screw whom ever to make a thou or so, and get reelected. I hope and pray soon as Kavanaugh gets appointed, and November elections...
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    Obama Supports Taking White Farmers Land

    Obama would be ok with taking everything anyone owns.