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    Random Pictures

    The bad feet were on a bull that was on test at Midland this past year. It apparently turned in to quite a fiasco as he was a very high $B bull and the breeder wanted them to trim his feet and sell him. The folks at Midland told him when they trimmed feet it was terminal!
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    Random Pictures

    Bull is one we bred and used on commercial cows. Probably should have done more with him. Here is a link to his pedigree...
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    Random Pictures

    For your viewing pleasure...mostly bulls and scenery from recent travels. Same bull as above with another year under his belt Very bad feet A few miles west of Fishtail, MT...looking SW towards Custer National Forest Irons awaiting another opportunity to make their mark...
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    It is the result of differences in the type of placenta. In sheep, pigs, etc. each fetus has its own placenta with separate connections to the uterus so blood flow is separate. In cattle, when multiples occur they share the same placenta and same blood flow connections to the cow as someone...
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    fence charger's

    I have a Zareba that has done its job. A lot of folks around hear have Stafix brand chargers with the compass remote, but the next one I buy will be from http://www.taylorfence.net/index.php. American made with extra lightning protection, great warranty, and all parts are replaceable. Couple...
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    Sale Catalog

    Sorry, no pictures but if you like data when buying bulls, you will enjoy it. Here is the link: http://assets.slate.wvu.edu/resources/1067/1425255167.pdf
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    She Said Yes!

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    Ranch record keeping apps for Ipad

    The folks that do the High Plains Ranch Practicum school have a couple nice YouTube videos about developing your own record keeping for Apple products via a Google account. The data is automatically saved in a spreadsheet format and time stamped. It can then be accessed from your IPad chute side...
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    Cattle Market

    I'm still in awe that we can describe fats in the $150's and feeders in the $210's as "soft". Although the higher priced feeders were also locked in on higher fat prices. Still, I agree with you on both accounts BMR, particularly on future bred prices. If those breds have to pay for...
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    Bill Snyder

    Classy guy... http://www.kansascity.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/for-petes-sake/article4257470.html
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    quiet wean nose flaps

    Have used these before... Leaving them in for 7 days can be a challenge as certain brands fit tightly enough that they can begin to actually grow into the nasal tissue that divides the nostrils in that time period. Of course, this can also depend on the size of calf and yours appear to be fairly...
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    My journal entry for Sunday, July 28, 1968

    Thanks for the reply. I'll have to inquire more from the Tim that currently resides in the east.
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    My journal entry for Sunday, July 28, 1968

    I happen to work with a Tim Phipps. I believe he was raised west of the Mississippi, but I'm not sure where. I would say that Phipps is not a particularly common name. Do you happen to know where he is now?
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    A couple "Jody" days

    Now we know why you were asking about rakes and balers a few weeks back!!!
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    June 29

    Especially since Peach has new knees and he is still carrying that cane around!
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    Nebraska Grazing Conference

    I find that Curt Pate is always enjoyable and educational...not to mention a real nice and interesting fella to visit with.
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    Question for the nutrionists

    To be honest, it really isn't any different that balancing based on a nutrient profile. You just have to know the amount of each element in your ingredients. Protein is basically already done this way as protein percentages are extrapolated from the average nitrogen concentration in the...
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    May 17 - 20, 2014

    I love the field trip! I'd hate to think how many release forms it would take to do that here.
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    Early April photographs 2014

    Looks like there is a red headed step child at pre-school!
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    Shortgrass needs our prayers

    That's terrible news...I got to meet Shortgrass in person at the NCBA convention just a month ago. We had a very good visit. Sending prayers.