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    I saw a painted turtle cross right through a narrow lot full of pairs yesterday. Brave soul. Had I any grandchildren with me at the time, we would have HAD to pick it up. As I was alone feeding, I said a little prayer for it. 😉
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    Melting Snow

    I know you all probably had more, but I went back through my journal this morning to add up the snow fall since December 12,2022 to our last snow (I hope) on April 13th. I came up with 107 1/2" snow. At the estimated rate of 12" snow= 1" rain, we got about 9"of moisture! Of course most of that...
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    I'll try to do that. It is nice to be among friends here. I appreciate how much you all care for each other. I am not very good at navigating through this site yet. Soapweed shared much with me so I feel I know you, but he did the driving. 😂😍
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Just the glaciers are left. LOVE not packing those heavy winter clothes!
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    Soapweed's Book is now available

    In case anyone is interested, PayPal has opened up new ways to buy SOAPWEED SOLILOQUY without a PayPal account. Beginning April 4, 2023, we are beginning to rollout more ways for your customer to pay when you send an invoice using PayPal, including Venmo, Pay Later, and...
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    Giving Back

    I am proud of them too. 😍 Good job caring ❤ I am ever SO THANKFUL for my children as well, as they have persevered through all the hard labor and loss this white "moisture" this winter-that-never-ends has created.
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    Giving Back

    It has been another winter to wonder if we should move our calving date closer to April or if we are just stupid to be calving at all!
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    We were on the edge of the storm this time! Only about nine inches and not as cold nor windy as predicted. Thankful though that we were prepared and had everything tucked in to protection. Also thankful we are nearly done calving. Really looking forward to those 70 degree days ahead! Maybe our...
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    Yes, I am sitting in the house, while it's a blizzard outside, trying to remember this winter WILL END.
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    We've been trying to wait until they are 6 weeks old, use Nasalgen and have mineral in front of them. 🤷‍♀️ Still a lot of droopy ears and doctoring in July. FH what is your mineral program. I suppose the soil, grass and location conditions make a huge difference.
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    Have any of you found a branding vaccine that works against summer (heat induced) sickness? Did you doctor calves for pneumonia after only giving a 7-way?
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    Daily Bible reading

    These three passages are three on my top favorite list. I have often pictured the Jeremiah 17 as incentive to spur me into drawing near to the Lord when I'm feeling dry and parched spiritually. Thank you for sharing!
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    Tribute to a fine mare

    I agree, DustDevil, VERY well written, Leanin'H. Your words speak to our hearts just like those best-friend/partner horses have. Mine was Clavinova, named after our new little black piano bought in the same trip. I lost him at age 30, the year after I lost Steve. A hard year. Peach