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    A Hissy Fit?

    Thats funny, damn near snorted coffee out of my nose. :D :D
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    The far left loon raises a SOLDIER

    If that young man's mother had aborted him instead of putting him up for adoption, Rosie wouldn't have to face this embarrassment.
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    Question for the net-wrapped bale unrollers

    Among the most vile things ever invented.
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    the Konockot game goes wrong for this thug

    Black boy bleed a lot, if his head was a football it would have been a 52 yard field goal.
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    Peanut Butter & Jelly Sammichs Are Racist?

    Apparently expecting people to show on time for work is also "racis". Not all cultures follow the same rigid time structure that white folk do.
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    Caption this

    "Hey Brown Shugga how bout a lil somethin somethin fo da mack daddy"
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    Life In A Liberal, Democratic Utopia

    That report is obviously false as Chicago is a gun free jurisdiction therefore it could not of happened as described, please check your facts before posting any of your racist, cultureally insensitive lies. :D
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    CMA opener, Paisley and Underwood

    Dats jus racis. White folk hate Obama
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    "Stand Your Ground" Racist?

    Dats funny :lol: :lol:
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    "Stand Your Ground" Racist?

    Dat be sippin or drank?
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    "Stand Your Ground" Racist?

    I have learned that pick-up trucks and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are also "racist.
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    Do Dems believe Cruz is a Natural Born Citizen?

    Just because someone is born by ceasarian section shouldn't exclude them from being president. :D :)
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    Racism Over Toilet Paper?

    "Racist" now means anybody who is winning an arguement with a liberal.
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    Putting money where my mouth is means ‘no’ to A&W

    Nothing will change for A&W, I'll bet 99% of the cull cows that go through the auction ring and 100% of the bulls have never had any growth hormones. When I first heard of this I thought it's just a marketing ploy and they were the first ones that thought of it.
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    Why on earth should we get involved?

    I think it's incumbant upon the West to make sure each side is properly armed to ensure the continued fighting until all sides are obliterated. :D
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    1100 lbs cows vs 1400 lbs cow

    I don't find 1400 lbs a particularly "big" cow while now a days 1100 lbs is a small cow. FWIW
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    The "War" Keeps Escalating

    "jus a ass whoopin ain't no biggie"
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    Photo of dead baby Trayvon for those who wish to see it...

    If Barry had a son he would look like Trayvon, laying on the ground with a bullet in him.
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    Top 10 Democrat Party Slogans

    My favorite is "You didn't build that".