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    Biden and his cache of classified documents

    Nothing but arrogance on their parts
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    Mining value out of mineral supplements-Dr. Jeff Hall

    FH may I ask what Vigortone uses in their mineral to increase palatability? DDG isn't it? There absolutely has to be something in dry mineral to make it taste better or cattle simply would not eat it. I understand your aversion to chelates as Vigortone uses very few if any in their minerals but...
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    56 degrees this morning with a slight breeze. Suppose to warm up to lower 70's. Beautiful weather but dry. Could sure use some rain.
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    There is NO political forum on CT, however, some unhappy members of CT set up a new board and named it "Cattle Forum Today" and quite a few people that wanted to concentrate more on politics, religion etc. went over there. CT hasn't changed much other than there are a couple of moderators who...
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    Mice bait

    Most of the time we'll just put some peanut butter on the trigger. They seem to like it.
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    Garlic to control flies?

    True. Most misuse of antibiotics is done via the needle and syringe and not in medicated feeds.
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    Garlic to control flies?

    Since this contains CTC I suppose a script from the vet is required to purchase
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    Garlic to control flies?

    Does your company give a stated purpose for the inclusion of garlic and cinnamon in the mineral? Just curious.
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    Garlic to control flies?

    FH the only testimonials I've seen regarding garlic came from those that were promoting it in their products. I've seen no research to back up any of their claims.
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    Persecution of Christians near Genocidal Levels

    My my my. Such a stupid man. How in the world can I kiss your ass when you've got your head up it
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    Persecution of Christians near Genocidal Levels

    Good try but Catholics are Christians. Actually the very first Christians. :nod:
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    Persecution of Christians near Genocidal Levels

    One single case is too many cowboy but at least I recognize that the catholic priesthood doesn't have a monopoly on producing pedophiles. Actually they're a distant second. Once you accept this at least you'll have a semblance of credibility and some besides me might start actually reading and...
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    I'm having trouble believing this

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    Pure Evil

    They have a terrible fact check record
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    Persecution of Christians near Genocidal Levels

    Show me the hurt the other faiths have?? Certainly haven't heard anything about it. Hope you took time to notice that a huge majority of these attacks are always on Catholics. The only once willing to put their life on the line to spread the gospel even in muslim countries.
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    Persecution of Christians near Genocidal Levels

    Any of these your former pastor Cowboy?? http://www.awkwardmomentsbible.com/shocking-pastors-on-the-prowl/
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    Persecution of Christians near Genocidal Levels

    And then a protestant pastor raped his own daughter for years: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=pastor+raped+daughter+for+years&view=detail&mid=33E1651DBE521E9D01D033E1651DBE521E9D01D0&FORM=VIRE
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    Persecution of Christians near Genocidal Levels

    Damn sure didn't hear a word out of the protestants of the world except to make fun of those affected.
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    Directed Energy Weapon Systems

    I'm more afraid of the return of the Illuminati and the growth of the Masons. To be perfectly honest cowboy, you don't want to know everything about our government or our military. It might scare you to death.
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    Directed Energy Weapon Systems

    :help: :help: :help: