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    Conneally Freightliner

    I understand that the ultrasound data is not rock solid but on a proven bull there is carcass info on thousands of calves. For illustration purposes lets pick a bull similar to Freightliner and assume he has higher $ values and higher EPDS "straight across the board", then why would you not use...
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    Conneally Freightliner

    What is it about Freightliner that makes him a good bull? When I look at him I ask myself the question "How does he help to produce a more economical and desired product"? With an IMF EPD of .11, a REA EPD of .20, $G of 7.3, YG of 1.71, and a $B of 31.78 I feel that the industry has passed him...
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    Bases Loaded

    It is an invitation sale hosted by Express Ranches, at Coors Field in conjunction with the National Western. There are around 50 lots every year(mostly frozen lots), there were three years that a stud bull was sold(Northern Improvement, Bon View New Design 1407, and BR Midland). We proably had...
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    Bases Loaded

    49 Lots Grossed 987,400, for an average of 20,151. It was kind of a rough night compared with those in the past. Prices seemed to be somewhat deflated, which was strange because it was the first sale all fall with that caliber of cattle, that didn't bring more than last year.
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    Riverbend Ranch??

    We own several Riverbend females, and have found them to be very good people and friends. Contrary to what Jason posted they are very diligent in seeking and producing a very complete package from pasture to plate. Most if not all of the cattle they sell are carcass driven as opposed to show...
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    L.E. Stevens, I think what Red Robin meant was that her front end could be a touch cleaner and longer. I would help her to have the wedge look from the front end to the rear.
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    Flying P Cattle Company Introduces shorties to their lineup!

    It is a great thing that you want to generate enough money to further your education. My only point, and you eluded to it, even if you didn't realize it was can you as a 14 year old generate enough money to offset the extra money that show cattle require in terms of preparation as opposed to...
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    Flying P Cattle Company Introduces shorties to their lineup!

    ACS, Do you have a market for show cattle? In your "business plan", have you allowed for the extra facilities that show cattle require? I hope that you find success in your plan, but from what we have seen from pictures you do not have facilites to properly care for true "show cattle", do...
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    Diesel Fuel Problems Coming?

    It seems that no one can answer the question of what happens if you run the diesel that we are used to through an 07 model. We traded 2 one ton Duramax's last week and I asked the service manager about it, and he said " I don't see a problem running any type of diesel you want through it "...
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    EXT Proof lol.

    Hey Northern Rancher, why did you place the Daisy Wheels at the start of the run? We had a Gallagher rep come in and buils a couple grass paddocks out of 5 stran wire are he put the daisy wheels in the center if the run. Just curious about the advantages/disadvantages.
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    McDonalds job application

    We can be pretty confident that he will never have a political career.
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    I have had great luck in having the person that you are talking to write down what they are telling you. For example have them write down the fact that they need the # of the box instead of the number on the box. I have always found that if you are going to make them put their ass on the line...
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    So, What did we decide to do about Tillie?

    I never saw the first post, if there was one. However, you never want to pull something off of feed cold turkey. We always like to cut the feed to 75% for one week, then back off to 50% for a week, then cut it to a quarter for a week. All the while making sure they have plenty of grass or...
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    Did you see this?

    They went on about that the so called creature had been "active" in Puerto Rico for years and had been blamed for animal deaths. A villager in Puerto Rico claimed that he had shot and killed one. They found the carcass a day later and the decomposition was to severe to make a ruling on what it...
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    Did you see this?

    Sorry if this has already been posted, I have been away from the computer for a few days. Last night on the National Geographic channel they had a program on the Charanga(sp) said to be the creatur for the bovine mutilations. I remember a few months ago there was a thread on them. They were...
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    weaned calves (pics)

    Those Pfred sons have a lot of growth. It will be interesting to see how much shape and condition he will have at a year old. They look good
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    weaned calves (pics)

    Alabama, Those calves look pretty salty. Is the first one out of your herd bull? Do I remember correctly that he is an Alliance 6595 son? If not, who is he out of, and on the dam side? Who ever is is it looks like he is doing a good job.
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    A new poster LOL ?

    Haymaker, That looks like something between you and Marine, why are you broadcasting it to the entire board. A note to Marine since he/she is new here, provoking Haymaker is like giving a hand gernade to a monkey.
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    Here's Looking At You

    Hey NR, what do you think that the first deer wiould score? He sure looks good!!!
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    northern rancher is a genius ???

    How many times have you voted Hayseed?