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    kato, she is gorgeous!! reminds me of Brix--same color. what's her ped? i just got a new pup in november--here's his ped: http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/pedigree/568890.html i need to get some pics of him up, but he's definitely working-line, the only way to go IMO. a tracking fool, too...
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    any difference other than size

    oops! sorry, thought this was about something else :oops: :oops: ps: size matters
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    4/12/08 Part 1

    i love that last pic--it's like "OMG, is there MORE??" i have felt just how he looks :) :)
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    Only in Nebraska...

    you have a LOT more snow left than we do (ummm, none--the rain thurs and friday took the rest of ours). have had flurries constantly, but nothing's sticking. i'm SICK of this winter!!!
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    gotta brag a little

    just be aware that the showline GSD in europe that "pass" the bitework phase of the koerung (Schutzhund) often don't show what "working" ppl consider adequate drive or good grips. so just because a dog has a SCH 3 from europe doesn't mean it's a good working dog. and the europeans do NOT sell...
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    gotta brag a little

    at her age a "long" anything be a LOT to ask! what is she, about 5 mo old now? don't be surprised if her ears go up and down while she's teething... she is a gorgeous girl, BTW :) :) didn't you have an older GSD? that's what i was thinking when i mentioned i remembered seeing pics in the...
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    What's in snow that makes cows stupid?

    that make you feel better, big swede??? :lol: :lol:
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    Castration sucess??

    OMG Soapweed--i remember that :shock: seems like the injectable was just saline solution, but i'm not sure. thanks for reminding me of how old i am :? 8)
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    Confidence Question

    IDK how helpful this will be, but what the heck, it's a thought. you said that 90% of the time you're riding by yourself, out in the middle of nowhere, and that's where you get spooked. have you thought about getting one of the GPS devices can tell ppl where you are, maybe send an alarm if...
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    My future calf horse

    that boy is STOUT!!!! nice...
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    he lays down when saddled/mounted

    i sure appreciate all the input ppl. FWIW, i did note the "level ground" comment, and there isn't much of a slope (but enough of one) and he went down both times on his left side. when i moved him to level ground, he wasn't going down. go figure... and FH, i re-read your post on...
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    he lays down when saddled/mounted

    well, here's what happened: got him out, brushed (a little!) of his winter hair off, saddled him, then (with the lead rope snapped at the bottom of the halter), started to mount. well, he went down, of course, but he was down on a slope with his back downhill and his feet uphill, and while i...
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    My dog

    oh, they SOOO are!! we will need weekly updates on their progress, however. i want to see 'em when they 5-8 wks old and acting like *real* dogs :) just as well i'm at my "dog limit". i guess...
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    New Baby On The Rancho

    just goes to show that phenotype is not equal to genotype... :shock:
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    Best Wrecks

    i can't compete with "worst" wreck of all, but i've had a couple that counted in my OWN mind!! one, helpin' a guy load stockers out of a pen made of 8 strands of barbed-wire about 6" apart, had a heifer decide she was NOT going on the truck, blew past me, THRU that B-wire, and on the way by...
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    My dog

    she looks like she rules the "chair" :) :) TXTibbs--where are puppy pics?????
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    he lays down when saddled/mounted

    isn't that against the law unless you're CIA, FBI, NSA, or an MP? personally, i don't see anything wrong with having muzzled K9's in to encourage the bad guys to talk, but that's just me....:) anyhoo-, looks like tomorrow will be the day we attempt the lie-down tie-down. Cait and i have...
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    he lays down when saddled/mounted

    just a non-update: between travelling for business and crappy weather, haven't had a chance to "apply" any "consequences". however, the coming week looks promising, shall update!!
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    gotta brag a little

    kato-i've seen pics of your GSD--a beautiful dog! and you're right: a long line initially for training is the best way to go. you HAVE to have the recall and the "down". will you post pics of the baby? or have you and i just haven't seen them? OT--i'm on a forum that includes a couple of ppl...
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    Aren't they CUUUUUTE!!!

    and that's the kind of dog that'll end up biting the face off some poor little kid. the problem isn't the dogs--it's their owners that think a dog is some kind of 4-legged human (that licks it's butt!! :) :) )