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    Hay Heat & Hats

    Drought last fall and this spring, then when the rais finally came, fertilizer was too high to take the chance of it getting washed off. Our rains have been light in quantity, but it all comes in 30 minutes. Washes everything off.. Thinking of trying liquid when I can afford it..
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    Hay is looking good

    hay production here is less than 1/3 of last year.
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    Hay Heat & Hats

    I baled 19 bales yesterday where I got 60 last year. Probably have $200 in fuel cost alone. That is over $10/bale in fuel...
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    Well snakes are out

    I was trying to be nice like my sainted Mama taught me. I meant I tell them to go to Hell. I have an old friend who works my place North of Chickasha, OK He has 110 acres that is next to a piece of my land that is cut off by the BNSF railroad. He was offered $3500 an acre for it. I had...
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    Hay Heat & Hats

    Here in central OK I have bluestem and some Bermuda. Bermuda is bad about molding if it is wet. However if it is baled while still having the juice in the stems, it ferments instead of molding. My bluestem I bale the next day after cutting or right after cutting if I can still go myself...
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    Well snakes are out

    I get at least 3 callsa week from someonewanting to buy my place. None of them sound like they are from the USA. If they cannot pronounce my name corectly, I tell them to go to H.
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    The Bears and Critical Race Theory

    I used to watch Survivor then figured it was nto about surviving but deceiving you way through to the end. I had enough of the head games working 30 years in a government agency. Ther eis one now called ALONE that is really a survivor type of living. filmed on Vancouver Island. Amazing how...
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    Adios my wonderful friend

    Yes there are. Petlab joint formula makes a big difference in his movement. We give him Hemp Chews, Petlab, and Movoflex daily. About $75/month, but he is worth it. I am sure he would do it for me if he could!!!! Pets/animals are a gift to us...
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    Adios my wonderful friend

    It brought tears to me. So sorry and I will say prayers for your kids. My old boy can barely get on the 4 wheeler now and prefers the ranger so he can crawl intothe seat. Had him 10 years now. He still can smell a new calf hid in some of the craziest places. He also can put a cow or sheep...
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    State of Ag Canada/US Alike

    Here in Central OK, it is getting dry. No rain in the forecast to even get the fertilizer to work on winter wheat for grazing. What rains we had have come so fast they wash the fertilizer off... Seems like all the wind farms aroundchange the way our storms move.. We are saving a bunch of...
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    It's been a loooong winter

    Those Facebook sites are not so great. If you posted that coyote pic you would be restricted for 30 days and then 90 for the next. Can't show any rifle pics either. The fact checkers will take your picture off... It is really bad...
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    preg check

    I had a red horned heifer like that last time sorting. She went to the sale. We tried to catch her twice in the Q-catch and her horns were wide enough and she was wild enough I missed her both times. 650lb and only brought $0.30.. Whoever stole her at that price deserves what they get... I...
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    Have a fine Thanksgiving

    I hope all you had a good day with family and friends for Thanksgiving. Holidays are not the same here without our folks. It is just me and my wife of 41 years... We ae all still on top of the dirt, so life is good!!
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    If you don't think this was planned, see this link.

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    Lets Go

    My Dr. who is a Physician Assistant, quit last month after keeping me alive for 25 years. She refused to get the shot and worked for one of the catholic based hospital chains. Biden's vaccine mandate will not allow her to get paid for medicare and medicaid patients unless she getsthe shot...
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    No rain all summer and now this:

    I had an old limb from the big Bois Dárc tree out front that was cut about 20 years ago after a folded disc hit it. My new neighbor took it and turned some bowls from it. I hadheard how pretty it could be, but did not expect it to look so good.
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    Is this True?

    I tried to warn this group a few weeks ago about this, but I got tarred and feathered by some of the big guys. So... I told you so!!
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    2 more days until heart of Texas !!!!

    Good Luck, and nice looking animals.
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    I prefer peace

    Me Too!
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    No rain all summer and now this:

    Right about getting parts etc. We don't have any shops here to work on small engines. There rate is $115-$155/hr. I just wait until there is a sale and get another for $100. So far they are still running strong.