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    Horses and Barb wire just don't mix!

    id highly reccomend any kind of racehorse topical treatments, there the strongest and ones the work best, as for proud flesh i was told it shows up when you instantly put cold water ona wound, the best thing is to treat the leg with what you have, and wrap it up and change the bandage daily...
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    anyone lookin to buy quality horses?

    currently im in bridge city, near port arthur texas, my husband has a job at the refinery, and we have another job coming in marathon louisiana next year, so im all around the place lol.. but currently im in bridge city.. thanks for the welcome
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    anyone lookin to buy quality horses?

    hey im new here but i thought you all might appreciate a friend of mines website, this woman has worked for my grandfather on his thoroghbred ranch for over 17 years, and she has pretty good lookin horses for sale, go take a look at www.phippsquarterhorses.com and maybe you might find something...
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    Good Old Babysitter

    go here http://vampirefreaks.com/picview.php?pic_id=3778543&user=nightshadesfang&uid=337340&title=my+pony+pumpkin&c=7&x=8&d=2929488 this is my pride and joy, shes my very own lil' "zip" lol and sadly ive owtgrown her, she did everything for me as a lil kid and i owe her so much..lol went...
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    im looking for a equine 4-H club in southeast texas

    hi im casey solowey and im looking for a 4h club me and my quarterhorse magic, can participate in, im 18 and i just moved here, due to marrige and a job, im looking for a nice 4-h club around the beaumont/to houston and inbetween area, see im in bridge city, and theres not much here, but id...