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    2018 life from the Leanin' H

    Speed goats don't count. I want the pictures of him showing them at the county fair. Big H that is, no pretending that they are his kid's project!
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    2018 life from the Leanin' H

    You left out the pictures of your goats!
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    Soap I have a question

    I use Inforce 3 at birth and Once PMH in the fall at preconditioning/weaning time.
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    Soap I have a question

    According to what I have studied, the IN delivery pathway results in quicker immunity but not necessarily long term. Our vet has us doing Once PMH IN as the first round and then boosting with Once PMH SQ.
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    renting bulls

    I don't know if my arrangement makes sense, but I will rent a bull out under the understanding that the animal never comes back to my place. I will rent the same bull to the person for $500 a year and they have to provide room and board for the entire year. When they are done with him I get...
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    Calving stories

    We used Salers when I was a kid. They made great mothers in a 3/4 RA 1/4 Saler cross. I remember on more than one occasion resorting to locking them in a stock trailer to hold them until they calmed down because there was no fence high enough or stout enough that they could not go through or...
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    High moisture barley

    I asked this question on Agtalk as well, so anyone that reads both sites bear with me. We are currently dry rolling barley for a backgrounding ration. We are looking at moving into finishing more of our own cattle and I was studying more on feeding barley in finishing diets last night. I came...
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    Heritability of phenotype.

    I think far too many steers are kept intact. We have raised many of our own bulls over the years and I have found that I need to start with 3-4X the number of bulls that I end up with to have something worth keeping. I currently have about 18 bull calves in my lot that will ultimately be...
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    Checking in! 2017 Update

    Nothing is more frightening than a sick child. We, as men, do not do well when there are things beyond our ability to fix. Interesting that you were at Rocky Mountain Children's on friday, we were at Colorado Children's on friday with my middle daughter. Hope for the best and lean on the only...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    It has been a bit of a hard day for us. My mother-in-law died 3 months ago after a two year battle with ovarian cancer. This was our first holiday without her. For all of those that have an empty place at the table this year, may the memories of past Thanksgivings bring a smile to your face...
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    Automated weighing

    I use Ranch Manager for my record keeping and there are a few steps to get the information into the program. It might be able to accept information directly, I don't know as I have never tried. I really don't want my computer out in the corral. What I have to do is fairly painless to get the...
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    Automated weighing

    I have a Tru-Test scale head with a bluetooth wand. Once you get the EIDs in the first time it is so easy to use that just about every time the cattle go through the alley they get weighed. We have the ID5000 scale head. The reader is easy to use, its range is somewhere around 12 inches. Any...
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    Electronic cattle ID

    We are using the Allflex half duplex tags and so far, 2+ years, I haven't lost a single one. It is critical that they are placed properly. We used some Destron Fearing for the Superior Verified program we were selling our steers on. I placed them too far away from the head of the animal and I...
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    Electronic cattle ID

    We started using bang's tag EIDs a couple of years ago. At that time I also tagged all of my cows with Allflex half duplex tags. I primarily use them, at the present time, to speed weighing as they go through the chute. I also have used them for IDing cows when they lose their VID tag. All...
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    Heifer development

    We put them on the same backgrounding ration that we have the steers on after they are weaned. Once there is enough grass in the spring they are turned out. They graze that until the winter grazing is ready. The last couple of years our winter graze has been frost killed sudan grass and...
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    How'd calving go?

    Just getting started. We are running about 2:1 heifers to bulls. Not such a great deal when I was hoping to keep some bulls out of my AIing.
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    Testing bulls

    I wouldn't turn a bull out without a test. $100/test may seem like you are wasting your money, but how much are the calves worth that you won't have because the bull is either shooting blanks or has problems with quality? Penny wise and pound foolish in my mind. There is a good chance that I...
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    30% open rate will make the HB vaccine look pretty cheap. That was what happened to us when we had a HB infection that we didn't realize we had. We are still dealing with the effects of that with broken down bags due to mastitis. The worst year also hit us with 70lbs less at weaning time. I...
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    You don't. You fill the small one, pull it off and let the vacuum equalize, shake the little bottle up and then run the small bottle contents back in to the big bottle and shake it up and then you are ready to go. It comes with a different style of transfer needle that lets you bleed the...
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    Been away a long time

    I am filled with shame at my duplicity. :cry2: :cry2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: