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    Old Beef

    Nuthin better than a 8 - 10 year old Jersey cow.
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    BSE Cureable - Not a Prion

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    Hey Mike...

    I really don't remember that name in anything I've read. Your family?
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    How about a tribute to McCain

    The Dims called him racist, a Nazi, George Wallace, and several other select names when he & Palin were running for Pres. But all of a sudden, they love him now.
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    Could this be true? Cohen's trial was rigged?

    First I've even heard about a Cohen trial . I thought he plead specifically pre-trial to avoid one? Which is the reason he hired Lanny Davis. Yes, that's "Lying Lanny Davis". Great friend of the Clintons..................
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    School Shootings Never Happened?

    Personally, I think it's funny as crap for a liberal org. such as NPR to catch the Obama administration inflating the number of shootings in schools allowing them to advance their gun control agenda.. Puts sunshine on more liberal gubment lies.
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    Murder By Illegal Immigrant?

    I suppose the Pope didn't think about hate when he built the wall around Vatican City when he built it to keep the Islamic invaders/murderers out.........
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    Murder By Illegal Immigrant?

    I'm just wondering is there anything the Democrats won't do to build their voter base? I really thought they were all going to blow a head gasket when Trump called the MS-13 gang members "Animals". I didn't know until yesterday that a full 1/3 of the El Salvadore population is now residing in...
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    Murder By Illegal Immigrant?

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    You ALL get to go to JAIL!

    I remember well when Trump claimed that Obama had been tapping his phones. If we had known then what we know now, it would have made complete sense...............
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    Go Fund Strzok......gotta be kidding

    Last I heard he had been donated over $300,000.00. Sickening....................................
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    Confederate Flag

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    Obama Supports Taking White Farmers Land

    I wonder if those black idiots in So. Africa realize that taking vast amounts of land will kill the economy there because the whites will quit paying any loans, & taxes will bcome delinquent. That area used to be one of the more properous worldwide. That's gone.
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    Lavoy Finicum Trial

    It was on my Facebook Newsfeed.
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    Venezuala Inflation

    Expected to top 1 MILLION PERCENT within the next few weeks. What was it that Ronald Reagan said? "The only thing wrong with Socialism is that you soon run out of other peoples money."
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    Lavoy Finicum Trial

    Day 3 Morning Court room update: USA V FBI Agent Asatrita: Shocking testimony today from Supervisor and active Special Ops Military agent BM: this could throw the entire case!!! and not one main stream outlet is reporting this part of today's testimony. In fact they are hiding it. DIRECT...
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    Hacking Question

    How does Mueller know that exactly 12 Russians hacked their way into the DNC without ever examining that computer. Including their names, ranks, & serial numbers. Please help, I gots ta know.