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    Alfalfa Lease

    KS lease laws state that a non written agricultural contract runs from march 1- Feb 28. The owner must notify the tenant 30 days prior to march 1 if he wishes to change or terminate the contract. Written contracts can be made differently but that is the standard that is used. I would continue to...
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    Secret Weapon

    Amino Gain?
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    Ranch Pictures 1-2-2013 , adjustable alley #2

    looks pretty simple and easy to build! Is it hard to adjust?
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    Anybody built an adjustable alleyway?

    sounds perfect! We have about the same set up currently. Wanting to make one side adjustable. Sounds like what Im wanting. Thanks for the help
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    Anybody built an adjustable alleyway?

    I think I can swing the overhead part, just having a hard time figuring out a way to build the adjustments. I can fabricate fairly well, but I'm definitely not sparky!! I have seen a couple that use jacks to adjust and have seen some that use a bar to twist it.
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    Anybody built an adjustable alleyway?

    Has anyone built an adjustable working alley? We have our current set up under a lean to on a barn so it would be a major pain to do too much tear out. Im thinking about pulling one side of the current fixed alleyway out and replacing it with an adjustable one. Has anyone one built a fairly...
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    Cheyenne Frontier Days

    We are heading to CFD rodeo this week. Staying in Laramie, are there any other attractions or shops in the area to visit? We will be coming across I-80 from Eastern KS. Just looking for ideas, we don't have any plans except the rodeo. If anyone knows anything else to do clue me in. Thanks
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    Ideal herd

    Red balancer cows x Horned hereford bull
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    Pondering genetic programs, EPD's and how to balance them

    Grain and supplementation have a very close relationship with carcass quality and growth.... Cattle that are low maintenance and do not get the feed put into them do not grow or grade as well as a result. If a person would take ohlde type cattle and push them with feed, I would guess you could...
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    Any custom preconditioning yard operations?

    Can you show me a drawing of how your feed pens are designed? We are hoping to build pens with concrete bunks, and have some turn out grass traps. Also how many cattle do you have space for in each pen
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    Any custom preconditioning yard operations?

    In our part of the country we dont do much for straw bedding so we would probably skip that. How do you charge for the straw, just out of curiosity? Also how do you charge on a grazing type situation.
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    Any custom preconditioning yard operations?

    you charge a chute charge at processing, and on a pull?? What do you feed and how do you come up with the customers cost? Some ad 10% of their cost , others use just a value of feed, or $/ hd/ day
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    Any custom preconditioning yard operations?

    What is yardage running in different parts of the country? Also how much feed mark up and chute charge? Around here its 30-40 cent yardage with a 10% markup on feed and meds and a $2 one time chute fee. Also does anyone have an niches such as custom bull or heifer development? Were thinking of...
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    Any custom preconditioning yard operations?

    Were just considering building a small yard to do some of our own cattle and some custom. Have been doing some at home already, but tired of running pairs next to stockers. Just wanting any info that would come to you head, dos and donts about construction on a yard, and thing that you guys have...
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    Any custom preconditioning yard operations?

    Does anyone run a custom preconditioning yard on here? Just curios wanting some info from different parts of the country
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    We live about an hour from JRS. A numner one is a choice calf, #2 is not necessarily choice. #1 would be a good black or char weaned, 2 rounds. #2 would be not weaned, no vaccs, plainer cattle
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    The vet we work with has a protocol on big cutting bulls to mass treat with Oxytet 200 on arrival. He cuts, vaccinates, and gives oxytet at the same time. He then comes back 4 days later and mass treats the whole group again with 2 cc/cwt of micotil. He says that this has completely stopped his...
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    Capitalize on calf implants

    Guys, its not really fair to weigh calves and judge performance while they are on the cow. Who's to say that they implanted calves have mothers who milk better or not as well as the non implanted group. We need to remember when we are conducting our own trials that there are variables involved...
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    Capitalize on calf implants

    The nutritional value is directly related to implant performance. The more and better the forage the better the implant performance. Even if forage is poor or low and the producer gets only half the return of an ideal situation, according to the study that is 25 lbs! In that situation the...
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    Todays calf sale on Superior

    On Tuesdays sale they sold 2 loads of 825# steers sept. delivery for $152.60