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    How bad would this make your day?

    I'm sure he does feel terrible. He's been trucking cattle for years, and I've loaded his truck many times at the feedlot I work winters. No one knows what happened, but I don't know of anyone who hasn't had one of those 'blonde moments'. His was just more disastrous than most, with dead...
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    Looking for a quick release

    The store is Hi Point western sales or western wear, or that sort of thing.
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    Branded again today, April 18, 2008

    They may have white skin but at least they don't have the foot of snow that we do. Wanna trade? :shock:
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    Got 'er done

    Good answer! Statistics Canada loves to do all manner of surveys, but I don't think they can force us to fill out the paperwork anymore. They also love phone surveys, and then spout the accumulated statistics they are given as gospel, but of course they are mostly just best guesses or pure bull!
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    Friday's Happenings

    That is one large puffball! It is old, and when you stomp them they puff brown dust, so we kids loved finding them. :D Gorgeous blooms - I'm so jealous! Someone said there were crocuses out here on the hills but I haven't been out to see for myself yet.
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    Pictures from February

    As far as I know Mrs. G, if you are moving cattle in K country you can get a permit to have your dog off leash, but other than that your dog is either at home or on a leash, and yes, a cow dog on a leash would be a very unhappy critter! Don't mind rustic one bit, but am not too familiar with K...
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    B-day dinner

    Happy birthday to your youngest. Can I come for dinner? lol Sounds delicious!
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    Pictures from February

    How many days does that ride take? I can't be away too many days, unfortunately.
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    Pictures from February

    Not a big Hitchcock fan, Mrs. G? lol I don't think you can even take your dog into K country camping anymore, unless it's on a leash? Could be wrong. Have a friend who wants to take her dad on a pack trip, since he is getting up there, but haven't decided where to go yet. Would like to see...
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    Heat Wave

    I hate to be greedy Oldtimer, but I'm enjoying this warmth too much to send it anywhere! Last week we did the -50's stuff and I remember it well! We were up to +7C (44.6F) this afternoon, and it was lovely!!!! :D :D :D :D :D
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    When a neighbor goes behind your back is it just business?

    The same thing goes on here. We rent land, and have had it for 20 some years, first sub-renting, and then being approached by the owner to rent directly (which made the guy who was renting it, then sub-renting to us wildly angry), but hear fairly regularly of neighbors hoping to rent it or buy...
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    Heat Wave

    We went from -26C (-14F) plus a north wind yesterday and last night to 0C (32F) this morning. Quite a pleasant change!
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    For The Birders

    When Dad had all his bird feeders up, he'd put them on a platform, and build a wire cage to put over them with holes small enough for the chickadees to get through, but not the larger birds like sparrows and magpies. It saved the bird seed for the intended guests. I don't know what that wire...
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    Heat Wave

    The more I see of those 'hairy' cattle in the feedlot, the more I like them! I think they'd make a nice cross on angus cows.
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    The most amazing road

    I already did the 520 with a load of horses and a cracked manifold, which equals no hold back, so I've had my thrill on that one. I don't care for that almost out of control feeling! I wouldn't mind driving the road in the photos with a passenger vehicle, standard tranny, good brakes, and no...
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    Bad Ass

    Kato, can you train your donkeys to keep tourists chased off? If so, I'll be right down to deal! :D
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    The most amazing road

    I think that road would be most interesting to travel, provided of course, that I was the only one allowed on it! No oncoming traffic for me! :shock: :shock: :shock:
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    6 More Weeks of Winter

    They are pretty cute, and since we don't have very many of them and don't see them until March or April, they are a happy sign of spring. We have the big mountain gophers, which come out later than the Richardsons ground squirrel. Not too many of the Richardson, but some thirteen striped...
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    Sunday Afternoon Drive

    How about the ice scuplture guy taking a shower in the big falls picture?
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    Good one! :D :D :D