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    Hacking Question

    Dutch intelligence hacked into the Russian's security system. They watched them through their own security cameras and logged every keystroke for months. They found everything. Then they shared the information with the American intelligence. The story was in the Dutch media a year ago. You can...
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    Walk Away

    Did you know that walk away is a Russian op? Their goal is to sow discord and are quite happy to do it from both sides. Left, right, it doesn't matter. As long as you all get to arguing with each other. That's the end game. No need to destroy America. Just stir things up and let it happen from...
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    Another question

    We have used a bull nose ring a couple of times with replacement heifers who pulled this stunt. They hadn't been at it long, though, being just turned back out with cows. The habit wasn't really established. In the fall they had forgotten and we took the ring out.
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    Cattle Market

    Price insurance on 850 lb feeders is $5.12 for a $2.12 coverage for March 16 right now. That's for Manitoba/SK This is the last chance to get insurance before January. They shut down over the year end. It's been on their calendar all year, so I doubt it has anything to do with the current...
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    A lack of comprehension

    Love your dogs, BTW. I used to have a grey German Shepherd almost identical to your pup. He was no guard dog though. LOL We did pull the wolf trick on a few people though, and I used to have people cross the street when I walked him at night. This is what I have now. She's our security...
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    A lack of comprehension

    I think the proper term is "Internet Troll" :?
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    WTO ruling on cool...

    And interestingly, Canadian fighter jets left today for the Middle East to help fight ISIS.
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    WTO ruling on cool...

    The plot thickens. Seems our government has already got their plans in order. http://www.producer.com/2014/10/canada-warns-u-s-to-repeal-cool-or-face-consequences/
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    WTO ruling on cool...

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    millions of dollars in agricultural losses

    It happened last year in Canada. Record crop. Couldn't ship it. My brother in law still has some of last year's grain in bins at our place, and he's almost ready to start taking off this year's crop. We now have as many trains full of oil cars rolling across our farm as grain cars.
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    And who trained Bin Laden???? :? :? :? :? :? This is nothing new. Just a continuation of American foreign policy that has been in place for a long time now.
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    Choose anything but BEEF

    I'm not a fan of mega feedlots either. The concentration of cattle in one place is just too high. I would rather see all those steers in the hands of individuals, where the pressure on resources can be better managed. Cow calf operations, on the other hand are IMHO some of the most...
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    HUGE favor to ask please !!

    Voted! :D Best of luck.
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    Thug Wants To Kill White People

    That's a nutbar.... ask any person with a mental illness if they have a mental illness. They will say no.
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    We've got some extra we could spare. This is what south western Manitoba looks like today. We escaped the worst of it, only got three inches or so, but south and west of us it's ugly. http://www.brandonsun.com/multimedia/pov/265265751.html
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    We don't deserve Canada's Oil

    Try a natural gas pipeline on for size. We live sixteen miles from the Trans Canada pipeline, and when it blew up a few years ago it shook the house. We could see the flames from here, and everyone hit the road thinking their neighbours yards were on fire. At the time we had no idea just what...
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    Old flour sack recipes

    Dish towels. Best ever. :)
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    I guess I like boring...

    Couldn't even finish looking at them.. :lol:
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    helping a calf nurse question - 10 below here

    If they really can't handle the teat, it doesn't hurt to milk a bottle out and give it to the calf. At least it learns the skill of sucking, and when it catches on to that it will be easier to get it to go after the cow. Sometimes with the cow is too difficult to suck, they just give up. A...