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    What a joke!

    Does anyone on here know what percent the dairy cull market makes up in lean grind?
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    Test for Old Kids

    I knew em all except #13. I'm a 1974 model. What does that say about me...besides being full of usesless info
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    NAIS @ Colorado St. Fair

    Denmark, has a good handle on cattle and data registry. All dairy cattle are registerd in one of three databases, and herds are classified into one of four category risks for Salmonella transmission. As with zoonotic diseases, Salmonella may only be transient in these cattle, but if your...
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    Just Remember!

    Mike, When and where did this post originate? :mad:
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    Just the FACTS! Response from SD BIC

    Glad to see you're back MRJ and that all is well! Also good to see you have DSL...makes going online that much easier. I was curious if you have any new responses to add here. Thanks
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    Ethanol's Effects On Cattlemen Offers Many Unknowns

    I believe it is either Smithfield or Tyson that has recently formed a JD with Conoco for that very thing.
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    Ethanol's Effects On Cattlemen Offers Many Unknowns

    I figure he was transporting ethanol in his own way! :lol:
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    Ethanol's Effects On Cattlemen Offers Many Unknowns

    wdcook- I think the shipping issue is already manifesting itself, but not in terms of DGS shipment, but as higher placements or retention of feeder cattle in the northern plains where the EtOH plants are located.
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    Ethanol's Effects On Cattlemen Offers Many Unknowns

    The price of ethanol is based upon the equivalent energy value of gasoline. Having a lower E-value thant gasoline it is priced accordingly. Unfortunately as the article says, because of the lower E-value of ethanol the more of it you have to use. As the price of gasoline goes up so does the...
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    So, me being 40 lbs overweight is McDonalds fault then. :roll:
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    I can't disagree with maintaining individual rights or freedoms as outlined in the Constitution. However, frivolous lawsuits for "big money" is not right either.
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    Maine Grazing (pics)

    If it seems brighter, it is because the light bulb above my head just came on. That is an interesting pump.
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    Maine Grazing (pics)

    I haven't seen a pump like that for the pasture, but it does look similar to the drink cups that are used in some tie-stall dairy barns. Great pictures!
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    Just the FACTS! Response from SD BIC

    Any more facts?
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    Texas women

    Losing battle toward the end of the war really can't be attributed directly to poor tactics on the part of the south. As elluded to in earlier posts, they were brilliant strategists and great on the battlefield tacticians. The loss is probably more directly because of the cost of funding the...
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    The worst jail you were ever in

    Sounds like a good branding to me. :D
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    Prison Food

    Not that I follow the on goings of Paris H., but I found this to be interesting. Does anyone have any ideas why this prison would serve only chicken? What Paris Can Expect Behind Bars May 4, 8:36 PM EST The Associated Press LOS ANGELES -- Hopefully, Paris Hilton likes chicken. She was...
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    A catty situation

    I don't like cats. When I was first dating my wife, one of her four cats ran under the coffee table and bit me on the toe. Of course the knee-jerk reaction was to see how far kitty could fly, but the restraint of wanting to make a good impression overcame instinct, and I managed to withdraw...
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    The Queen of England

    Sorry about that, I meant "she" doesn't take a stand on much not "you". I didn't mean to make it personal. Anyway, even if she does make a stand, does it make it much further than the tabloids? It seems the "royals" are fodder for that sort of publication. At any rate, I hope she has a...