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    I wish I could help more kids, currently we are doing the steer deal in out local county and the...

    I wish I could help more kids, currently we are doing the steer deal in out local county and the heifer is any kid in our state, maybe some day it grow where we can help more kids.
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    Up date on my project

    Well I have not been on here in a while, I used to really enjoy coming here and seeing Soapweeds stories and photos. I don’t think any of you would remember that I had formed a foundation that supplies a young man or lady with a breeding heifer to show, we paid all the expenses except travel...
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    Gas Powered T-Post Driver

    I watched a demo of this driver , at the Int. Farm Expo last year, it runs off of air but it ran pretty slick. http://www.powerpostdriver.com/picket_post_driver.html
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    Heifer Scholarship

    Leanin' H, I thought I did reply on the 5 of march, I sent you another PM, let me know if you received that one.
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    Heifer Scholarship

    Well,wanted to update everyone on my project, I posted on here about 9 months ago or so that I had formed a foundation in honor of my grandson, to give a heifer scholarship to a youth in our state, we provide the heifer, feed and entry fees for the year, at the end of the year the heifer goes...
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    my story

    One of the requirements is they must send in a monthly update on what they have learned, experienced, what they are feeding, if they have gone to a show that experience as well as pictures of their project. All of this will be posted on our website, that will allow anyone interested to follow...
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    my story

    All though I joined 10 years ago, I’m not much of a serious Rancher, I have 2 cows, no pasture except when the winter rye will grow. I do enjoy visiting this site and learning, Soapweed’s stories and pictures along with the rest of the post. I have been around Ag most my life. My grandfather...
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    Ranching "Rule of Thumb"

    "Excuses are patches that mend the garments of failure"
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    Sometimes sorrow brings inspiration

    Beautiful poem, The females in my family seem to live forever, it is the men who leave to early. We lost my uncle several years ago, he was in his 50's, my cousin and I would make an annual trip up to his place in late fall to pick up a load of hay (he ran a 1800 acre alfalfa farm in Yerington...
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    Ram DEF PITA

    I bought it new when they had the friends and family sale in 05, a Chevy with a duramax/allison it has 225,000 miles on it now. Replaced the water pump, one front hub, 2 glow plugs, the glow plug control and the batteries twice, that's it. What i still have not had to replace are the brakes...
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    Bloomberg Is Being Racist?

    Does he think they are buying them through legal channels? I’m sure they can just look for the minority males between those ages who have registered guns and just ask them to turn in their guns.
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    OT should really consider Joe Biden for President

    Add this to the list https://gma.yahoo.com/joe-biden-son-hunter-biden-discharged-navy-positive-000000393--abc-news-topstories.html
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    R's still fight to limit who (what color) votes

    The left has no problem making you show your ID and go through a background check to purchase a firearm, which is as big a right as the right to vote, if they had their way they would just as soon take this Right away all together. But asking for a voter to show their ID to prove they are who...
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    Muck Boots, steps in it.

    Muck Boots raises money for the HSUS https://www.facebook.com/MuckBoot/photos/pb.328222526920.-2207520000.1407211421./10152231142396921/?type=3&theater
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    how great is MT

    Off of OT's list, the ten best, The first 5 are red states, there are 6 red and 4 blue. The worst states, the first 2 are blue and a total of the worst 7 blue and 3 red.
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    Speaking of pickup trucks

    Ford is coming out with a new option, heated tailgates, that way your hands stay warm while you push the vehicle home. :wink:
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    Anybody heard from him, I have not seen him post since Mid December.
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    What to avoid in a one ton truck

    With the Chevy Duramax, 05 or newer, the 04 and older have injector problems. 06 and newer have the 6 speed Allison the 05 a 5 speed; I have a 05 with 160,000, has never been in the shop, Went to change the shocks and brakes about 5 thousand miles ago, shocks needed replaced, probably 50,000...
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    what to feed the fall works crew

    It must be a west coast thing but tri-tip, can eat it plain in a sandwich, is easy to cook great tasting and with the right grill cook up to 15 easy. We do a labor day BBQ were we serve 300, tri-tip, corn on the cob, ranch beans, cheesy potatoes, and garlic bread, we do it all on the grill. We...
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    Oh, oh, Bush is wiretapping phones again....

    ColonUraven, if we have not learned anything about the government no matter who is in charge, if there is smoke there is fire. Worst case scenarios seem to be what the cases turn out to be; very seldom does it turn out to be the lesser scenario. What I do not get is how anyone could not begin to...