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    that wool vest.

    I went and looked. I have a wool coat and wool vest both made by Filson. They both say made in America but doesn't say where the wool came from. Going to look on Pendleton shirts but I have to walk upstairs to check that. I know the Pendleton garments are made in the USA. I know when I...
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    Where is everyone?

    You will never be able to live those down.
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    Utah Cattlemen’s Association call

    First you get invited to do your poetry at the big show in Elko. Now you are an official with the state cattlemen's association. Will you still make time to talk to us little people? Or are you afraid we might ruin your reputation with rumors of you as a goat farmer? At this rate you will...
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    Weaned and worked the tailenders

    I do understand that there are lots of variables involved. In the the case with our one and done cows the landowner wants all the cows gone by September 1. So about mid August they get gathered and the old cows get a trip to the plant. By mid October the cow price will drop every year. And...
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    Weaned and worked the tailenders

    Good moisture and a great grass years certainly has a lot to do with the weaning weights. But the extra time on the cow helps a lot too. I had one pair escape this year. They were caught by a neighbor 6 weeks after the rest of the cows were shipped and calves weaned. He turned into the...
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    Where is everyone?

    I was thinking about asking the same question.
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    It is pretty smokey here today. The BLM had some contractors cut several hundred acres of Juniper a year and half ago. They went through with looked like giant log skidders with a grapple on the front. They pile them where the ground was flat enough to get around. Well today they are burning...
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    Lacy J Dalton

    I was saying that this morning. I have to feed these one and done cows I have been buying. Cross the ditch and up just a slight hill. Barely made it in 4 wheel. Just slimy mud. Not deep just slick.
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    I haven't looked at the rain gauge but it has rained off and on since Thursday and things sure are muddy. It was fogy this morning driving to church.
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    Once Again

    The wolves attacked. This time it my next door neighbor. They chewed on 3 calves. None dead but I asked and was told one might make it. This is the second incident so fish and wildlife will issue a kill permit. I believe we need to kill every one of them.
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    Bleach blondes

    I see it pretty regular here. Except they use the bleach to paint a 0 on the hip. Last better than a crayon or paint. And it is cheaper too.
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    The man from Fish & Game confirmed the dead one was a wolf kill. We had stuffed the cripple in the trailer. We went over to look at it. It died 30 seconds later. Also a definite wolf kill. Even better evidence than the dead one. I will refrain from any further comment on the world wide web.
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    Waiting for more knowledgeable people to show up. There is 111 weaned calves in the front field. Took the dogs for a walk out the driveway. Found a dead calf and another walking very poorly. Dead one has been eaten on. The slow walker appears to have hide missing and blood up between the...
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    Wondering about Mountain Cowgirl

    She commented on my post about the Pendleton Roundup. That was Sept 14. I think that was the last time we heard from her on here.
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Better have a stampede string on your hat. Sitting down in this hole we don't get much wind but it howled last night and is still howling this morning.
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    You okay ‘H?

    What was UPS delivering UPS package to you?
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    First day of fall. First frost this morning. It was 32 degrees.
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    I see Portland is supposed to get rain pretty much all next week. Maybe some of it will slop over here.
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    In your neighborhood I would insist on them too. Frankly I have never seen or heard of anyone having them here. When I bought that quad during Covid it was very difficult to find a quad let alone one with additional options.
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    It was 38 this morning when I went out to do calf check as the sun just starting to show up. I either need wait an hour or two to do this check or break out the warm gloves. My fingers got cold putting around on the quad looking at calves who were looking at me.