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    a few pictures...

    not sure why, but I brought home a sickly colt a few years ago... Coming along...
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    Worlds smallest ranch checking in.... :D . None of them are pictured yet, but for the first time since 2010 I've been sitting in cattle sale barns about everyday lately putting some more cows together. ...It's been a ton of fun and feels good! I was done calving, but am about to start in again...
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    too many pics...

    I hope everyone is having a great start to a new year! Today (Feb 1) is the first day I have fed the cows anything this winter.
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    a few pictures

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    What to put on the upper drive roll on an old round baler?

    I see where people have sprayed rhino liner on them to help get the hay started rolling easier, wrapped them in rubber, put some kind of traction pipe tape stuff on them, etc... Anybody have any thoughts on what I should do? Thanks!
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    some pictures

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    misc what not pics

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    bigger critter pics and Micki

    I have two old cows.
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    The fall

    The Fall I love the fall, it's not ugly at all I don't mind grabbing a sweatshirt, I try to spend the day not getting hurt, winter will soon be here, when running out of hay is always a big fear so I try to really enjoy this season I can't think of any bad reason :D ...just messing...
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    pics from a mini ranch

    It's going to be awhile before I have more than two cows.
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    some pictures

    two cows went looking for grass
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    a few more pics from lately

    1 + 1 = 2]
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    pictures from lately and back a ways

    two cows here, two cows there
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    I could use some thoughts on a baler

    South of me a ways is a Hesston 5530 round baler for sale. New belts last year, manual twine tie, great condition, works perfect, makes a 4 by 4 bale, always stored inside. They used to pull it with a ford 861. I'd be using my Farmall M. They said it should run it fine if my ground is flat...
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    pictures from the last few days

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    future using horse in training...pics from today

    He's two.
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    two cows running with tails in air
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    playing with image hosting sites. Using postimage on these...super fast way to do it so far....bulk everything. :D ...I've lost track..not a lot, but I am well over a 1000 bales that I've hauled in this way....I think around 1500... :D
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    new bull for my baldie heifers

    Uploaded with ImageShack.com Uploaded with ImageShack.com I'd show the rest of him, but I don't know what I'm looking for and may of messed up and don't know it... :D . Right after my tranny went out of my truck, the rear end went out of my bull....so today after getting my truck from being...