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    Sleepless in the Prairie

    Good to have you back on ranchersnet, sweet basil! I don't make as much time for internet as in the past. Lots of great-grandkids nearby is a blessing, and so is reasonably good health for both of 'the eldest generation! The sixth generation on this ranch range from age 2 (soon to be joined by a...
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    Like several others, I'm not on here as much as previously, tho I enjoy it a lot! Disagreements are no problem for me. Things can get boring more when all agree than when there are occasional disagreements. More fun when civility has a place, tho. More little great-grand kids win out in my...
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    Happy New Years

    And a happy, if slightly late, New Year to all! We had a great week-end, with a visit from our dau. and son-in-law here from Omaha for a few days, and, with their help I even managed to feed quite a crowd of family at least once and smaller groups other times during the week. I wonder where that...
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    Mice bait

    Feral cats, and occasional bags of cat food to keep them healthy enough to really enjoy hunting! Haven't seen a mouse in many years, not since I started feeding the cats to keep them around. And the cats stay wild enough not to be under-foot when we go out doors! Best of both worlds, I guess. mrj
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    Thanks for sharing all the progress you are making! Am assuming that is a garden! Looks like a crop of some sort of giant mutation, compared with what our SD climate about half way north between NE and ND will produce! And the family looks great, too. We are now in the 'grands' portion of...
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    Where is Sandhusker?

    I used to 'sort of' know who Sandhusker is, and believe he lived in Nebraska, but that's all I recall at the moment. Re "Scott" I believe he travels quite a bit for work, or used to. Heard he was around, (Kadoka area in western SD) not long ago. Haven't seen him in a long time. As part of his...
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    fescue foot and other pics

    Grass and cattle look great! The feet, miserable for cows and caretakers alike to deal with! Guess I'll stick with our dry, native grass (mostly Big and Little Bluestem) and other native northern plains grasses. Never have planted much except to get some more uniform hay crops. This was a much...
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    July 4

    We in western SD, and likely other areas in the usually very dry by July mid-west have blessings "way over the top" this year! The native prairie is taller and greener, and thicker than 'usual'! The slightly cooler than normal, (just guessing, not official on that), but the appearance of the...
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    First fire of the season

    Just saw this! Sure hard to have fire season start so early. Hopefully, it will be later here, as we have had LOTS of rain...….and about 3 inches of it gushed into our walk-out-basement! Came up through the plumbing and in the door. Not fun! We did have lots of help as dau. and SIL were here...
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    Here is the story in a nutshell:

    Also, I forgot to mention all fh 'missed' was the way Hillary gave, more likely sold, uranium to Russia, then Bill gave a speech for which he received obscene amounts of money.....also from Russia! mrj
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    Comments above are mine, but I couldn't figure out how to sign my name too it and don't want to deny responsibility for my words! I also believe consumers want "ranch of origin" rather than "country of origin" according to comments from consumers at various listening sessions with consumers. mrj
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    Shad Sullivan: I’ll Thank A Farmer....and a Rancher

    Here, 8 miles north of exit 170 on I-90, we have had some sprinkles since just before dark, I believe. Forecast is pretty nasty, similar to what others have posted. I know 'the crew' has been preparing as best they can all day, and still at it a few minutes ago, judging by tractor lights around...
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    It's likely the world would be a better, happier, friendlier place if we all thanked more people whose paths we cross while living and making a living. - It has been my privilege to participate in various workshops, some involving talking directly with consumers in a smallish group....maybe 50...
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    Here is the story in a nutshell:

    One can wish it were not all so plausible and believable! Such a sad commentary on the quality of people supposedly 'at the top' of our political hierarchy! Education, experience, and 'rising to the top' SHOULD give us better candidates for political offices, from top to bottom. We can be...
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    winter 1949

    We do have the heifers all finished calving, and I believe it went quite well, as I heard few complaints. I know a couple were hauled the 32 miles to Vet clinic. I saw one pair going out the gate from corral/barn to the 'trap' a couple blocks from my 'east window' vantage point. The heifer has a...
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    Climate crisis-a modern day witch hunt?

    A bit more on our current 'climate change' from winter to almost spring: Still haven't heard (from family members spending more time out in it than I have) much about guesses at amount of snow. My guess from driving the two miles up the hill to the hiway: maybe a foot+/- a few inches. I do know...
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    Mustang Pictures--------------

    BMR, sorry to hear about your Dad. Such a bittersweet time that is, with the memories and wishes for more time, if it can be of at least tolerable quality for the elder family member. And I can't imagine a -51% temperature. I certainly don't want to witness it! We can get some pretty terribly...
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    Board Upgrade

    ps to my previous post: by 'elder', member here, I mean both my actual age, and time since I began posting here. I do know that I will be 79 late in July, and don't recall when I began reading and posting here, but it's been a while!!!! Yes, I believe it gets a little boring at times, no I...
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    Climate crisis-a modern day witch hunt?

    I believe those of us living in SD, at the least, are beneficiaries of 'climate change', as this land was, at various times in the distant past, the bottom of a sea or ocean, and at another time, a glacier covered at least eastern SD, if not the entire state. Tho I complain about current...
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    Cattle Today

    I agree. more comments = more learned, for better or worse, and it can always be ignored if too boring, or too controversial, most anyone can usually find something to do. mrj