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    western hunting

    I know of a couple good public places to hunt but no leads on a private place yet. I would love to own a place of my own to elk hunt.
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    western hunting

    Forgot to mention that location and time are not that critical.
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    western hunting

    I am looking for a place to hunt this fall out west. I Would really like to get in on either some mule deer or elk but antelope would be fine as well. There would be at least two people and since were from MO it would all be nonres tags. Obviously if its by drawing only were too late for all...
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    Denny - Thanks for the information. I had already heard that about Diamond D and had all but crossed them off the list. Hearing it from someone else just got them nixed. As far as the ohlde cattle are concerned I hadn't heard that about their temperament. I cannot and will not put up with cattle...
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    Sorry guys I do not have a way to upload pictures. My cows really are between frame 5 and 6 and weigh just over 1000lbs. They are in good condition and produce calves every year. Im running in the 90%-93% range on calves weaned per cow exposed. In the drought year I fell to 88%. I have looked...
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    I have weighed my cows and yes most of my cows are between frame 5 and 6, and the majority of them weigh just over 1000lbs. I do have some cows that are getting closer to the frame 6 side that will weigh 1200. They are in good shape as well, they just do not have the kind of thickness that I...
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    Ok I need a little information/advice. I have a group of angus crossbred cows (most are solid black and over 75% angus). I have recently been infusing some simm genetics and my cows almost all fall between frame 5-6. All average 1000 pounds. I do not want to add any more continental genetics and...
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    summer pet peeve

    I am normally very good at keeping my mouth shut but this is going to be a one time rant and I will be done. I am completely appalled that someone said anything about a teacher getting a summer job, no matter what it is. Educators have the most thankless job on the planet and this just adds...
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    How many head can a Bull Cover

    Realistically you can expect him to breed 3 or 4 a day if they are strung out throughout the day, and if you can separate the ones he has already bred. Many times a bull will get hung up with one cow and not care about the others until she is out of heat. The age of the bull has a lot to do with...
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    Fence Brace

    Whoever is using concrete railroad ties is insane a regular 10 foot 7x9 tie weighs over 900 lbs. Ill pass and just use steel. By the time the steel rusts out I will be dead and my kids can rebuild it in steel or whatever they choose. By then the fence will be completely worn out anyway.
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    What happens if you cross an F1 cow on an F1 bull?

    first of all as stated above, heterosis goes down - big disadvantage there, but not totally a loss because the more you use cattle from your own herd the more consistent you cattle become. Make sure you are selecting these bulls that "make the cut" with traits that you desire. Dont just pick...
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    working dog UPDATED

    I have the craziest English shepherd ever. He is three now and has been plum laid out 7 or 8 times by adult cows. Our 2200lb simm bull hammered him in the ribs last year and launched him about 20 ft and he never slowed down. He still hasnt figured out to bite them down low and duck. He wants to...
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    Gomer bulls

    somewhere in the 60's is normal, and 70's are common and 80's are not unheard of. I would for sure go with timed AI. One major benefit of AI is the elimination of keeping a bull year round, and having a gomer bull would just give you another bull to keep year round. Plus you would have to try to...
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    Synchronize and AI cowherd advice

    there are a lot of different percentages floating around out there and it can be misleading. Most universities advertise somewhere around 60-75%. I know thats a broad range when talking about economics, but there are so many variables that it is no where near and exact science. The little things...
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    Cow that can't get up

    First of all WMJ it comes down to how much over normal costs you are willing to spend to save her. If you took a healthy cow to the sale barn she would bring much more than $100. A cow only makes money when you sell her or her calf. The money she makes goes back into the operation to help pay...
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    the $150,000 bull ... a deal for you !!!!

    You gotta hand it to the people who market cattle that way. They can make huge amounts of money that way and still own the majority share of the bull. If I was in a position to sell cattle that way I would be all over it. I dont think I would want to be in on the buying side, too risky.
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    Cow that can't get up

    Think of it financially. If you put too much money in her and she dies you will have to take away from the profits of the other cows to make up that difference. I have done the math several times in the past and I wont spend over $100 on a cow in that situation. Its hard to get someone to buy a...
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    How did you meet your better half?

    She cut my hair on a Monday and I liked it so much I went back and got another hair cut on Tuesday.
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    Why do you live where you do?

    I live here in central Missouri because I was born here first and foremost. I am 5th generation beef farmer on the same piece of dirt, and my son will be the sixth I hope. He is only 2 right now. I love not having neighbors, and being able to hunt and fish my own property that nobody else can...
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    Yesterday I sold some cull cows and some cleanup calves that were born late and were too small to sell earlier in the year. The 12 open cows averaged 1106 and brought 67 cents. They were in fair flesh and didnt have anything wrong with them, they were just open. The calves were just some late...