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    western hunting

    I am looking for a place to hunt this fall out west. I Would really like to get in on either some mule deer or elk but antelope would be fine as well. There would be at least two people and since were from MO it would all be nonres tags. Obviously if its by drawing only were too late for all...
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    Ok I need a little information/advice. I have a group of angus crossbred cows (most are solid black and over 75% angus). I have recently been infusing some simm genetics and my cows almost all fall between frame 5-6. All average 1000 pounds. I do not want to add any more continental genetics and...
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    Yesterday I sold some cull cows and some cleanup calves that were born late and were too small to sell earlier in the year. The 12 open cows averaged 1106 and brought 67 cents. They were in fair flesh and didnt have anything wrong with them, they were just open. The calves were just some late...
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    New cattlemen

    The other day I was at our local barn and overheard the owner of the sale barn in a heated discussion after the sale with a seller. After asking some questions I later found out that the seller was a new cattleman and he had just sold his first lot of calves. He was outraged when he didnt top...
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    pre checking

    Ok so I just bought all the cows me neighbor had (153) and he is getting out of the cow business. I bought these cows VERY cheap and they are pretty good looking cows, just been mismanaged. They are in two defined breeding seasons, spring (June-August breeding) and fall (December-February...
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    Recip cows

    Just needing some numbers from some people who know. I am managing some recip cows for an angus breeder here in MO and currently I own all the recip cows, he implants them and then pays me for the calf. He is talking like he wants to buy some more recips and pay me to take care of them. They...
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    Saturday at 2pm was supposed to be time to AI my heifers, and I get there at 11:30 to check on them and of course they are all riding each other. I notice there was a strange animal in the pasture with them. All 40 of my heifers are gentle as dogs and have no problems, but I guess hormones...
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    AI bulls

    Anyone have any experience with the following bulls; LCC New Standard Connealy Contrast Connealy Final Product Three Trees Prime Cut Quaker Hill Template I am planning to use all 5 of these bulls this fall and just wanting to know if people have used them and how they liked them.
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    Artificial Insemination

    This year I have decided to AI all my heifers. They are all fall calving and with breeding season coming up just wondering what tips and advice people could give me about getting it done the right way.