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    Mustang Pictures--------------

    Some really nice horses there! The blue roan is pretty thick and feeding a nice colt. The lil stud colt needs some filling out!
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    MILK COW MEMORIES, by Steve Moreland, April 18, 2018

    Not quite video, but I got the picture!
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    Mustang Pictures--------------

    A little mud should make lots of grass. Nice pics, thank you.
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    ONE OF MY ONLY SHINING MOMENTS IN SPORTS, by Steve Moreland, April 9, 2018

    I'd say you won that one. :tiphat: Greatly enjoyable story.
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    Mustang Pictures--------------

    All things considered, that last pic is a great shot of a beautiful horse. Thanks for posting!
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    Clivenama Bundy Sues Obama

    There doesn't seem to be much coverage of what should be a very significant story, the release of the Bundys and all charges dismissed. :clap: Are the feds spooked or what? http://www.cnn.com/2018/01/08/us/cliven-bundy-charges-dismissed/index.html
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    Cleft palate calf

    How about that - I'd forgotten about that calf and my wife couldn't recall it either. I do remember sitting there listening to the birds though. Talk about a trip down memory lane! We never had so many poorly twins and never want to again.
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    Mustang Pictures--------------

    Some nice looking horses there. I winder how old one ear is. Seems like he's been around quite a while.
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    Little helpers

    That's the right time to start them! It will be interesting for them to look back at this picture in about 20 years...
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    Merry Christmas!

    That's an amazing story, mrj, thanks for telling it! Such a lively family event backed with the context of so much history - special! Merry Christmas to all and I will again post my favorite Christmas song by one of Canada's best vocalists, Lucy MacNeil and the Barra MacNeils...
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    Share a Tune

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    Tune for today

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    Tune for today

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    June 3, 2017

    Soapweed, What beautiful grandchildren you have. You are so blessed.
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    Just Pictures----------

    What amazing scenery! So beautiful. Thanks for posting.
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    1970 "Erff Day" Predictions

    I always thought of land levels as being static so that is an entirely new concept to me. And it makes sense now that you mention it. Like my wife just said when we were discussing this, "There's likely quite a bit more that we don't know..." LOL! It made for some interesting reading - which...
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    US & Canada Milk Spat Explained

    New math at work here Mike? :wink: I told you what we pay for a 4L of milk - $4.49 CDN. That would be $3.29 US for 1.05 US gallon. Almost exactly the same price as you are saying. Another local, small-town grocery store is $5.69 for 4L. That would be $4.17 US. Higher, but still not nearly...
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    1970 "Erff Day" Predictions

    That's pretty interesting work there Steve. Good info.
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    US & Canada Milk Spat Explained

    Not sure where you came up with that price comparison, Mike. We pay 4.49CDN for 4L which is a little over 1 US gallon. The price range in stores is from $4.49 to $6.25 in variety stores. Single litre cartons are much more though. I'm pretty darn sure that if supply management goes, the price to...
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    I Think My Dog's a Democrat